‘OutDaughtered’ Ava Busby Squeezes Guts Out, Adam Shocked

OutDaughtered star Ava Busby - Adam Busby Instagram - YouTube

OutDaughtered star Ava Busby was spotted squeezing the guts out, which left her dad, Adam, totally shocked. This doesn’t seem to be her normal behavior, so she certainly caught him off guard. What exactly was Ava doing? Keep reading for all of the details and be sure to scroll down to see the video.

Adam shares a variety of photos and videos on social media, so fans never know what to expect. Sometimes, he documents romantic date nights with his wife, Danielle Busby. Other times, he focuses on the kids’ fun activities and wild adventures. Most recently, he put the spotlight on Ava Busby as she did something gross on video.

OutDaughtered star Ava Busby - Adam Busby Instagram
OutDaughtered star Ava Busby – Adam Busby Instagram

Ava Busby squeezes the guts out, leaving her dad in shock.

On Instagram this weekend, Adam recorded a short video of Ava as she sat on the sidewalk. The father of six approached his daughter to see what she was up to. She said it was “slimy,” prompting Adam to ask what she was playing with. She had found a worm and decided to do a little experiment.

OutDaughtered star Ava said, “It wasn’t connected together so I squeezed the guts out.” She then pointed to the worm guts on the sidewalk, which Adam said was “gross.” She explained that’s why it’s “dripping.”

It looks like she’s feeling pretty accomplished. Below, you can watch the video and see what the little girl had to say about squishing the worm.


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OutDaughtered fans learn that the girls love worms and dirt.

In a comment, one of Adam’s followers pointed out that having all girls isn’t only about “glitter and princesses.” In response, the dad of six admitted, “I have a pretty good mix over here. And they all love finding worms and playing in the dirt.”

Many of his fans can relate to having kids playing with bugs and digging in the dirt. One viewer said, “She looks so proud of herself too 😂”

Summer is just around the corner, and the Busby girls will be spending a lot more time outside, exploring and digging for bugs. One OutDaughtered fan offered a word of warning about hammerhead worms, which can be dangerous. Fortunately, Adam saw that comment and is doing his research to keep his kiddos safe as they play outdoors.

So, what do you think of this video of Ava Busby squeezing the guts out of a worm? Are you just as shocked as Adam Busby was? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the OutDaughtered family.

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