Is Kendra Duggar Pregnant Again In Rare New Photo?

Kendra Duggar - YouTube - Counting On

Former Counting On star Kendra Duggar appeared in a rare new photo this week, and fans are now wondering if she might have another baby on the way. She and her husband, Joseph Duggar, have grown their little family fairly quickly, so fans wouldn’t be surprised if there might be another baby coming soon. As of now, she hasn’t made an official announcement either way. Scroll down to see the new snap and see what fans have to say about whether she might be expecting.

Joe & Kendra Duggar’s Family

As far as the public knows, Joe and Kendra currently have three little ones. Garrett is four years old, Addison is three years old, and Brooklyn is two years old. They are rumored to have had a fourth child, but the family has not confirmed this themselves. Because their first three kids are so close in age, it wouldn’t be shocking if they have now welcomed another baby or two.

Kendra Duggar - YouTube - Counting On
Kendra Duggar – YouTube – Counting On

Kendra Duggar Resurfaces In Rare Photo

On Instagram recently, Elizabeth Bontrager, a Duggar family friend, shared a new post featuring a few members of the family. Surprisingly, Kendra made a rare appearance. In a comment, Elizabeth confirmed that she had been in Arkansas. This is the first photo fans have seen of Kendra in months.

Below, you can see the photo of Kendra.

Kendra Duggar - Elizabeth Bontrager Instagram
Kendra Duggar – Elizabeth Bontrager Instagram

Might She Be Pregnant?

On Redditfans reposted this image and are discussing the possibility of Kendra Duggar being pregnant again. Based on this photo, many feel that she’s not expecting right now or could be newly pregnant and just not showing yet. But they don’t think she really looks like she has a baby on the way. One Reddit user said, “Omg a pic where she doesn’t look pregnant. Emphasis on the ‘look’, she’s probably cooking another little blessing in there as we speak.”

Another pointed out that Kendra’s face tends to look slimmer in the first trimesters of her pregnancies. They think she looks especially thin in this photo, so this could be a sign she’s expecting.

With Joe and Kendra laying low, it’s unclear if fans will get another pregnancy announcement. The couple has been extremely quiet and might have welcomed a fourth child to the world without going public with the news. For now, everyone will have to wait and see what happens with this Duggar couple and their growing family.

So, do you think Kendra Duggar might be pregnant in this rare new photo? Or do you think she’s taking a break from growing her family? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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