Broken Olivia Plath Shares Private Pics Of Deceased Brother

Olivia Plath -YouTube

Broken Olivia Plath is taking to social media to share private pictures of her deceased brother, Micah Meggs. Earlier this month, he tragically passed away at the age of 15, leaving the Welcome to Plathville star and her family devastated. Now, almost two weeks later, Olivia is opening up and sharing several photos of him. Keep reading for all of the details, and scroll down to check out the photos as well.

Olivia revealed to fans via Instagram that her brother, Micah, had died unexpectedly. Later, the news broke that he had been on his bike and was hit by a car. He passed away at the scene. Amid this sad time, Olivia decided to take a break from social media.

Olivia Plath -YouTube
Olivia Plath -YouTube

Olivia Plath breaks her silence & shares private pictures of her brother, Micah Meggs.

On Instagram on Friday, May 19, Olivia shared a new post about her brother. This is the first time that Olivia Plath has shared a post on her Instagram feed since losing her brother. She has posted a couple of things on her Instagram Stories, but she’s kept pretty quiet amid this tragedy.

She wrote a lengthy tribute about how much she misses him. In it, she said, “You’ll always be in my heart, Micah Titus. You deserved so much, and I don’t think you knew just how loved you are.”

Later, she explained, “Micah was my baby; I was 9 when he was born and I remember that day like yesterday.”

In her post, she included many photos of herself, Micah, and the rest of the Meggs family. Most of the photos were taken when Olivia was younger.

Below, you can swipe through the throwback photos of Olivia and her brother, Micah. These are pictures that she hasn’t shared online before.

Welcome to Plathville fans send their condolences.

In response to her new post, Olivia Plath received many apologetic comments from her followers. They are heartbroken by this update about Micah and can’t believe he was just 15 years old.

Others are offering encouraging words and reminding Olivia to take her time as she processes this grief. Someone said, “Continue to be gentle with yourself as you push forward through grief. love you so much, I’m with you.”

Another one of her followers added, “Olivia, so sorry you’re going through this 😢 I know you were probably such a huge light in his life. Thinking of you in this hard time 🖤”

Continue to keep Olivia and the Meggs family in your thoughts and prayers during this time.

So, what do you think of Olivia Plath’s new post about her deceased brother? Are you glad she’s opening up and processing her grief in a healthy way like this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Welcome to Plathville stars.

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