Scheana Shay Beating Herself Up Re-Watching Season 10

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Scheana Shay has been beating herself up as she looks back at Vanderpump Rules Season 10. Admittedly, she and some of her co-stars went to bat for Raquel Leviss. However, upon reflection, this was not the best look whatsoever. So, how is Shay doing in the aftermath of ‘Scandoval’? Read on for all of the details.

Scheana Shay Beating Herself Up Re-Watching Season 10

Throughout most of Season 10, Scheana Shay was a strong advocate of Raquel Leviss. She was happy to see the newly single former pageant girl getting her groove back. Additionally, she encouraged her to kiss Tom Schwartz, throwing all caution to the wind. Then, when James Kennedy’s girlfriend told her about Raquel and Tom Sandoval going out dancing alone, Shay was super defensive. She said she would trust Raquel alone with her husband, Brock Davies. More so, she felt that Davies was a father figure to Raquel and had no reason to worry. Even when Leviss spent the night at Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s house when the latter was out of town, Shay thought nothing of it.

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Then, Scheana Shay was in NYC with Leviss when she learned about the affair. The same night they were on WWHL together, Sandoval’s longtime girlfriend and Shay’s best friend, Ariana discovered the infidelity. She called Raquel to confront her and soon Shay knew all about the lies and the deceit. Raquel was even a bridesmaid in her wedding. Now, looking back on all of the clues and Easter eggs throughout the season, how does Scheana feel about fiercely backing Raquel and even Sandoval?

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According to yahoo!, Lala Kent and Scheana Shay spoke to E! News and shared how they were both currently feeling. Admittedly, Lala says there is not one thing that really stands out. As for Scheana, she had this to say: “There’s been so many things that watching it back, I’m just like, ‘How did I miss all of this,’ when it was right in front of my face?” Lala added that Scheana has been “really hard” on herself and that is understandable.

Missing Pieces

Lala Kent added: “Scheana and I have had many conversations, where it’s like, you do become mortified by the things that you said that were kind of backing up this person that you thought was amazing—and I understand that. But I’ve told Scheana, that’s how you’re supposed to defend your friend.” Ultimately, Scheana Shay replaced Raquel’s face with Lala’s in her wedding photos. She has said it has been “insane to relive” and it is not over. The finale airs Wednesday and the reunion will begin the following week. This won’t be fading any time soon.

Do you think that Scheana Shay should cut herself or a break or did she do this to herself? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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