‘7 Little Johnstons’ Kids’ Online Stores Leave Fans In Shock, Why?

7 Little Johnstons stars - Instagram

The 7 Little Johnstons kids’ online stores are leaving fans in shock, but why? It looks like the family’s followers have noticed something about what Trent and Amber Johnston’s children are doing. And now, they have a lot to say about it. Scroll down to see what fans are talking about.

The 7 Little Johnstons Kids’ Online Stores

In case you didn’t know, Anna, Alex, Emma, and Elizabeth all started their own small businesses. Anna and Emma make and sell jewelry, Elizabeth offers original paintings, and Alex makes and sells origami. On their Instagram pages, they often promote their shops, and fans sometimes support the kids’ business ventures.

In general, the family’s followers are impressed by their small online shops and think they’re gaining very useful skills.

7 Little Johnstons stars - Instagram
7 Little Johnstons stars – Instagram

Fans Shocked By What They’re Selling

But a few fans didn’t know much about the kids’ online shops and decided to do some digging. What they found has left them pretty surprised. On Reddit, fans are now discussing what Anna, Elizabeth, Alex, and Emma are selling in their online stores.

One 7 Little Johnstons viewer was stunned to find out how much Anna charges for her handmade bracelets. They spilled their thoughts and said, “The bracelets look like they were made by a kid and cost like 50 cents to make but she charges around $15-$19 each.”

Others pointed out that a lot more goes into it and that it’s not as simple as it may look.

Below, you can take a look at Anna’s jewelry offerings.


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As for Alex’s origami business, fans think he might be doing pretty well for himself. His business may seem simple, but one Reddit user pointed out, “Ironically Alex’s might be the most successful niche because of how large the premade origami selling market is on sites like Etsy.”

Fans also believe that the Johnston kids’ businesses wouldn’t be successful without their already large fanbase from their show. It’s possible that many of their orders come from TLC viewers. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure if that’s true. Plenty of fans do support the Johnston kids’ businesses and are proud of their accomplishments at such young ages.

So, do you think that the 7 Little Johnstons kids’ online stores are overpriced? How do you feel about their small businesses? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Johnstons. Don’t miss a new episode on Tuesday, May 16 on TLC.

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  1. You are paying for more than just the raw materials. 🙄 Someone has to take the time to actually design and assemble those materials. You are paying for their time and labor. Complaining that the materials cost “$.50” is arrogant. Sure, sweet pea, you go buy the materials and make them yourself. Tell me how much time it takes you, especially if you are filling multiple orders. The person who made that comment would puke if they knew how cheap the materials that made her clothes cost. I’ll admit the prices are still a bit high. That’s the extra price of having someone with name recognition make them. Typically, bracelets like that go for roughly $5 to $10 when handmade. The prices aren’t bumped up that much at all. My source? It literally is my business. I make costume jewelry as a side gig. Go to Walmart if you want cheap, break in a week bracelets made by machines instead of human labor. Entitled people who want the best for nothing. Just grow up.

    1. i think that anna’s jewelry is underpriced…..her items are not handmade by her///their are others selling online the exact jewelry///some of her recent pieces do seem to be a little more complicated thsat her original designs ..//their is at least 1 other seller with the exact products and they are selling them for much more than anna…..even raising her products 5 dollars she would be under the price of the other seller i found….and she would increase her profists quite a lot////if you look at the designs they are quite a bit more complicated and harder to produce quickly and in quantity//
      excuse my typing errors…

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