‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Meghan Crumpler Welcomes New Baby

Meghan Crumpler from 1000-Lb Best Friends from TLC

1000-Lb Best Friends star Meghan Crumpler has welcomed a new member of the family!

The TLC personality revealed on social media that a new baby had entered her life and she couldn’t be happier. And the best part was that it all happened on Mother’s Day weekend.

Keep reading to learn more about the newest member of Meghan’s family.

Meghan Crumpler shows off her new tiny baby online

At the end of 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 2, fans watched Meghan Crumpler marry her fiance, Jon. The pair seemed very happy and so in love, so fans thought it might just be a matter of time before babies entered the picture.

Meghan and Jon still don’t have any human babies, but they’re happy to share that they’ve added another furbaby to their family.

Meghan Crumpler from 1000-Lb Best Friends from TLC
1000-Lb Best Friends/TLC

On social media, the TLC star proudly showed off the tiny kitten she just adopted.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all! I’m a mother of two now,” Meghan captioned her recent Instagram post. “Tina Arnold [and] Johnnie Arnold brought me a Mother’s Day gift today. Someone had abandon them in the woods. Meet Aslan.”

Meghan Crumpler's new kitten on Instagram 1000-Lb Best Friends, TLC
Meghan Crumpler/Instagram

Fans thanked Meghan for adopting the little kitten and giving him a good home. A few noted how fuzzy the little guy was and one follower noted they thought he might be a Maine Coon.

Awe. Poor baby. So happy you have him now. Happy mommas day ❤️❤️❤️” a fan commented on the post.

“Aww so cute! What a wonderful gift to get on Mother’s Day!❤️” another added.

Will the new pet impact the family’s travel plans?

Although Meghan’s followers are happy to see she cares so deeply for animals, many are still aggravated with her overall. Several 1000-Lb Best Friends viewers can’t believe that she and her now-husband still live in Tina’s basement.

And on top of that, Tina Arnold and Meghan Crumpler are trying to raise money to purchase an RV. The women launched a Kickstarter to fund the RV.

According to the campaign, the women will be “videoing [their] travels and goofy adventures, 24/7 on go pro cams, with [their] phones, and with security cams that will be setup all over [their] rig to capture every waking and sleeping moment, to give the viewers optimal shenanigans access.”

However, the TLC stars are still a little short of their goal. They have about a month and a half left to raise $70,000 and so far they’ve only raised about $126.

Now that Meghan has a new pet at home to care for, she may decide to put her travel plans on the backburner. But at the end of the day, anything is still possible.

What do you think of Meghan Crumpler’s new furbaby? Leave your opinions in the comments and check back soon for more news and updates.

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