‘Unexpected’ Chloe Mendoza Closes Monumental Chapter Of Life

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Unexpected alum Chloe Mendoza is closing out a monumental chapter of her life. The former teen mother has made great leaps and bounds in her life. Now, she is getting the adulation that she definitely deserves. So, what milestone did the twenty-one-year-old hit? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Chloe Mendoza Closes Monumental Chapter Of Life

Fans saw Chloe Mendoza deal with a lot as a teen mother on Season 2 of Unexpected. She was in a relationship with Max Schenzel when she found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she did not feel great about what happened and knew that her parents were not big fans of her boyfriend. They tried to make it work as many of the young couples do but it became very combative. Finally, along with her daughter, Ava, Chloe left. She made some major life changes and pursued college which was a huge deal. This was proof that she was not going to let anything get in her way or get her down.

Chloe Mendoza/Unexpected/Instagram
According to Starcasm, Chloe Mendoza just graduated from college. The Unexpected alum got her degree in Speech and Hearing Science from Arizona State University. Best of all, she had her shining moment when she walked across the stage to gather her diploma and blow a kiss to the audience. It is reported that she is on the path to becoming a speech pathologist which is a truly admirable career. Chloe also shared photos from her big day on her Instagram so her followers could share in her big day, as well. She captioned it: “In my graduation era.”


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Fans were extremely supportive of her and could not wait to comment. “I remember watching on the show when you were just starting! Now look at you! Congratulations!!! 🥰🥰🥰” one wrote. Another added: “Good for you! What a great example you are showing your daughter. Congratulations!!” Finally, a fan had this to say: “Congratulations smart MAMA! Been rooting for ya long time!❤️ be v proud of yourself!” This should make her realize how far she has come on her journey.

What Happened To Max?

Last June, Chloe Mendoza’s ex, Max Schenzel, and his girlfriend, Morgan ended up getting into a violent situation. She claimed he broke her teeth and she had footage of a swollen lip. However, Max also had wounds on his body so it was hard to say who was really at fault. At the time, Chloe spoke out about Max never changing. He very rarely posts on social media now but he does say that he is actively working out and it has changed his life. Hopefully for the better.

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