Patti LuPone, 74, Trashes Kim Kardashian

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Acting legend Patti LuPone bashed Kim Kardashian on a recent appearance of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The comments came during the game of “Do They Give a Damn” and LuPone didn’t hold back.

Here is what LuPone said and what you need to know about what Kardashian is doing.

Patti LuPone blasts Kim Kardashian for a new acting role

Patti LuPone was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and the interview got really harsh during “Do They Give a Damn” with Patti. The question that really brought out Patti’s claws was when Andy Cohen asked, “Do you give a damn that Kim Kardashian is now acting in Season 12 of American Horror Story?

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Patti LuPone didn’t hold back when she gritted her teeth and said, “Yes, I do.” When Andy asked if she didn’t like it, she said, “No, I don’t.” When Andy let her go on, she just lashed into Kardashian. She said, “Excuse me, Kim. What are you doing with your life? Don’t get on the stage, Mrs. Worthington.” For younger crowds, that is a line from the song, “(Don’t Put Your Daughter on the Stage) Mrs. Worthington” by Noel Coward.

Patti is an American Horror Story veteran herself. She played Joan Ramsey in American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3) and Kathy Pizazz in American Horror Story: NYC (Season 11). It seems she is not happy that Kim Kardashian is sharing the same prestige with this role in the new season of the horror anthology series.

This isn’t Kim Kardashian’s first role

A lot of fans were not happy with the Kim Kardashian casting news and made their voices heard on social media. However, creator Ryan Murphy said that he was happy to cast the reality star in the role. “Kim is among the biggest and brightest television stars in the world and we are thrilled to welcome her to the AHS family,” Ryan said (via THR).

He also said that the season’s star Emma Roberts was also excited to see Kim Kardashian in the role. Murphy added that this would be a terrifying role for Kim. The season is titled, American Horror Story: Delicate. It is based on the upcoming book Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine. The book’s synopsis reads, “a woman convinced a sinister figure is going to great lengths to make sure her pregnancy never happens ― while the men in her life refuse to believe a word she says.”

This isn’t Kim’s first role, either. In 2021, she voiced the poodle Delores in PAW Patrol: The Movie, which was one of the main characters. She also appeared in the spoof movie, Disaster Movie in 2008.

How do you think Kim Kardashian will do in her American Horror Story role? Was she a terrible choice or is Ryan Murphy right about her having something? Let us know in the comments and watch Season 3 of The Kardashians May 25th on Hulu.

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