Aunt KiKi Mills Oozes Hot Mama Vibes While On Cloud Nine

Aunt KiKi Mills (Crystal Mills) from OutDaughtered, TLC

The women of OutDaughtered know all about having a great time. Sisters Danielle Busby and Crystal “Aunt KiKi” Mills may have families of their own, but fans can often spot them out on fun outings with their friends.

After all, every mother deserves a little getaway now and then.

While Danielle Busby has been hanging out with her own girl gang in Savannah, Aunt Kiki and her crew are having some fun of their own. What exactly did they do during their latest excursion?

Aunt KiKi and her friends slay at Houston’s NRG Stadium

Although TLC hasn’t aired any new OutDaughtered episodes in a while, fans are always eager to hear about the family. The Busby girls may get a lot of attention, but Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale have plenty of fans too.

Viewers always seem to love and appreciate the chemistry between the two.

Aunt KiKi Mills (Crystal Mills) and Uncle Dale Mills from OutDaughtered, TLC

But right now, it seems like Uncle Dale is at home with the kids. Aunt KiKi is too busy having a great time with her pals!

“Still on cloud nine after Taylor Swift #EraTour!✨” the reality TV star captioned an Instagram post. It appears that she and her friends went to see Taylor Swift perform at the NRG Stadium in Houston this week. Aunt KiKi uploaded several photos from the special day.

In the first image, she and her friends are matching from head to toe. It looks like they had an amazing night.

Aunt KiKi Mills (Crystal Mills) and her friends from Instagram
Crystal Mills/Instagram

“My niece and I are going in a few weeks. We cannot wait,” one fan commented.

“You 3 are the cutest!! Looked like y’all had a blast!” another of Aunt KiKi’s followers added.

A few other fans wondered why the OutDaughtered star didn’t invite her daughter Kenzie along for the show. Aunt KiKi didn’t offer up an explanation here, but there could have been several explanations for Kenzie’s absence.

Aunt KiKi Mills (Crystal Mills) and her friends from Instagram
Crystal Mills/Instagram

What do you think about Aunt KiKi’s fun trip to the Taylor Swift concert? Share your opinions in the comments!

Whatever happened to future seasons of OutDaughtered?

Most OutDaughtered fans are patiently waiting for news of another season. It’s been two years since there were any new episodes of the popular TLC series and fans want answers.

Sadly, there really haven’t been any new updates either. Adam and Danielle Busby confirmed that TLC hadn’t canceled their show. However, there is still a noticeable lack of new Busby content on the network.

TLC notoriously likes to keep new seasons a secret until the very last second. If OutDaughtered did resume filming, it’s unlikely that fans would know until TLC decided to speak up.

But even so, fans hope there will be more positive news to share sooner rather than later.

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