Stacey Silva Shares Shocking New ‘Fox Eyes’ & Facelift Makeover

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Stacey Silva has gone under the knife once again and, just like the last time, fans are shocked at her new look. Both Stacey and her twin sister, Darcey Silva are known for overdoing it when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Additionally, they have gone to great lengths to achieve, what they believe is the most snatched Barbie versions of themselves. Now, Stacey is showing off what she just had done and it’s drastic. Read on for more details.

Stacey Silva Shares Shocking New ‘Fox Eyes’ & Facelift Makeover

In the Season 4 finale episode of Darcey and Stacey, Stacey Silva rocked the look that she and Darcey obtained in Season 2. The twins headed to Turkey for their optimal twin makeover. This included veneers, a lip lift, a breast lift, a nose job, and some lipo. Then, after that was done, the twins proceeded to show off additional procedures they underwent. Essentially, they tried everything to keep themselves feeling the best that they could. Of course, fans of the show felt that they were taking it too far.

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Last month, they returned to Turkey to get more done, per In Touch Weekly. Darcey and Stacey Silva returned to Comfort Zone Surgery for more work. They got a neck lift, neck lipo, a cheek lift, and a fox eye procedure. Of course, Stacey was so excited about what she had done, she went on social media to share: “loving my results by the best clinic and doctor.” Yet, by the looks of it, Stacey Silva’s new eyes were shocking as they were quite different.

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[Stacey-Credit: Instagram]
In a photo after her surgery and one with her husband Florian Sukaj, Stacey Silva is seen with her eyes completely slanted upward. Her lips are also bigger than before plus it seems that she has used a filter on herself. Fans took to Reddit shortly after the surgery and during Season 4 of Darcey and Stacey to share their thoughts. “I saw the post of the show that they tried to do years ago. My God what happened to them. They are a parody of themselves. Very sad,” one noted. It seems fans just want them to slow down.

Fixated On Being ‘Snatched’

Darcey and Stacey Silva have become obsessed with getting snatched. This is what they say constantly and are always on Instagram, showing off different procedures they are getting done. Whether invasive or non-invasive, it seems like it will never be enough and that is sad for viewers. They wish that the girls would look internally and focus less on aesthetics, truly learning to love themselves completely. It might be too late.

Do you think Stacey Silva has taken it too far with her new fox eyes? Was she better when she first popped onto the scene? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Yes I think that they have gone too far with the surgery. I wish they would just stop. I really do like these girls. They have the best interest but they’re playing with their bodies and their health.

  2. They have made themselves a laughing stock. They are nearing 50 and are trying to keep themselves younger looking. Instead, they look like clowns and have wasted a ton of money for their distorted looks. What a way to be a role model for her daughters. Hopefully, those two beautiful girls have enough love for themselves to know that it’s not the outside that will bring them love. And Darcy literally sleeping or wanting to sleep with every Tom, Dick Harry is disgusting. She has absolutely no self esteem. I pray to God above that they both find happiness…… but before they destroy themselves with unrealistic expectations about what love really is all about. It is so sad what they have become.

  3. They to embrace their health I went for back surgery and small bowel was damaged now I have short gut syndrome,lost about70 Pounds and am skin and bones .3 surgeries later still trying to gain weight .The girls need a surgery 12 step program prayers love and hugs.

  4. all the “snatching” and they look unhealthy af, always huffing and puffing to do simple tasks. this is so sad, they really have self esteem issues, don’t even look like twins anymore.

  5. They just make themselves uglier with every procedure. Short, fat, over filled and distorted. Then they use the most ridiculous filters they can find. Delusional. And drunk.

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