Jackson Bates’ Fiance Emerson Shocks Fans In Super Short Dress

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Bringing Up Bates star Jackson Bates’ fiance Emerson Wells has left fans completely shocked after she posed for a photo in a super short dress. As fans know, the Bates girls are expected to follow strict modesty rules. But it looks like Emerson is doing her own thing. Keep reading to find out what the family’s followers have to say.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jackson and his girlfriend Emerson recently got engaged in Florida. They have been sharing photos and videos from the special occasion and wedding planning is already underway. The couple also combined their Instagram accounts and are now sharing posts from a joint profile.

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Jackson Bates’ fiance Emerson Wells poses in a super short dress.

In one of their first posts on their shared account, which was previously just Jackson Bates’ page, Emerson posed at a wedding dress shop. She wore a super short light pink dress that hit several inches above her knee.

In the caption of the post, Jackson’s soon-to-be wife revealed she said yes to her “dream wedding dress.” She said, “Jack worked with my family to set up wedding dress appointments and venue shopping while we both had family in town!”

This might come as a surprise to fans who know about the Bates family’s strict modesty rules. Below, you can check out the new post the couple shared and see the dress that caught fans’ attention.


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A post shared by Jackson + Emerson 🙂 (@jack_n_emy)

Bringing Up Bates fans react.

On Reddit, Bringing Up Bates fans reposted the photo of Emerson and began talking about her shocking appearance. One fan said, “That is not a Bates-approved dress lol.” Someone else added, “Emerson might be the least fundie Bates bride yet.”

Fans made it clear that this dress wouldn’t be a big deal for anyone else. But it is more notable for the Bates family. One fan said, “In most situations, this dress is very cute and classy (and maybe modest to some) but many fundies probably would think she belongs in h*ll for wearing it.”

Others are saying that this is a cute dress and that they are interested in seeing the wedding dress she chose. Many suspect it won’t be long before Jackson and Emerson tie the knot.

So, does it surprise you that Jackson Bates’ fiance Emerson Wells is not following the family’s strict modesty rules? How do you think his family might feel about this? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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