‘Bringing Up Bates’ Katie & Travis Clark Share Special Sneak Peek

Bringing Up Bates - Katie and Travis Clark YouTube

Bringing Up Bates stars Katie Bates and Travis Clark treated fans to a special sneak peek this week. The couple filmed a little behind-the-scenes footage and were thrilled to show it off before sharing the real deal. So, what’s this big sneak peek all about? Keep reading for all of the details.

Katie Bates & Travis Clark continue filming after Bringing Up Bates cancelation.

Fans were devastated to learn that UPtv pulled the plug on Bringing Up Bates. To this day, the real reason behind the cancelation is unknown. Fans continue holding onto hope that the show will eventually return, but as of now, there are no signs of it coming back.

Bringing Up Bates - Katie and Travis Clark YouTube
Bringing Up Bates – Katie and Travis Clark YouTube

Despite the cancelation, several members of the Bates family have continued filming. This is because some of the adult kids have their own YouTube channels. Carlin and Evan Stewart, John and Alyssa Webster, Trace and Lydia Bates, and Katie and Travis Clark are some of the couples who share frequent updates via YouTube. While it’s not the same as the show, it’s still a good way for fans to keep up with them.

Travis and Katie share regular videos about their everyday lives and also document the bigger moments, such as their baby’s gender reveal and her birth several months later. In February 2023, the couple welcomed their first child, Hailey James, to the world. Now, they’re giving everyone a better look at what’s going on with them.

Check out the special sneak peek.

In their most recent vlog, Katie and Travis gave fans a special sneak peek. They took their camera along as they went to Hailey’s newborn photo shoot. They wanted to do the photos in the first couple of weeks of Hailey’s life, and fortunately, they were able to find a photographer with availability. So, they went to the studio, and Hailey was dressed up in all kinds of cute outfits. The photographer has lots of experience with newborns, so she had the perfect poses and props in mind.

It doesn’t look like Katie and Travis have gotten the photos back yet, but they couldn’t help but give fans a sneak peek.

You can watch the new YouTube video below to take a look at Hailey’s newborn photo shoot.

Hopefully, Travis and Katie will share more photos or videos from the newborn photo shoot soon. Fans are very happy for the new parents and are loving all of the baby updates they’ve shared along the way. 

So, what do you think of the sneak peeks from Hailey’s newborn photo shoot? Are you looking forward to seeing the pictures once they are posted on social media? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Batestars.

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