Tom Sandoval To Cease Filming Over Unfavorable Scene

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Tom Sandoval threatens to cease filming over a scene that was not in his favor. Vanderpump Rules has continued to film since his affair with Raquel Leviss came out. Now, he is not happy and he might leave the show. So, what has him so upset? Read on for more details.

Tom Sandoval To Cease Filming Over Unfavorable Scene

Amid the cheating scandal between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, the Vanderpump cast has had to keep filming. James Kennedy showed himself going into an interview, all suited up. However, Tom is threatening to stop over a recent scene that he was involved in. According to Entertainment Tonight, he is not happy with a filmed interaction between himself and Raquel Leviss. A source shared this: “Tom wasn’t happy with how the scene went with Raquel and felt like it was going to paint him in a negative light. He told producers he’d like to re-film the scene, but producers weren’t having it.”

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More so, the source added: “Tom told production that he would no longer shoot Vanderpump Rules if they don’t listen to him.” To back this up, VR alum Jax Taylor tweeted about Tom Sandoval not wanting to film. He then deleted the tweet but he alluded to Tom doing this exact same thing when he was accused of cheating in earlier seasons. Despite all of this, Tom Sandoval will be filming again later this week. The rest of the cast has already shared their thoughts on the affair.

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Saturday night, Tom was seen going into Raquel’s apartment and fans believed that it was a late-night rendezvous. However, his rep said that he was just there to film a scene with her. Yet, there is also speculation that they still want to continue their romance. As for whether or not they will be at the reunion, Andy Cohen confirmed that they will be in attendance. Of course, most if not all of the cast is on Ariana Madix’s side.

What Happened?

Tom Sandoval has been on the show since the beginning in 2013. In Season 2, Ariana Madix came to SUR to bartend and it was uncovered that they had kissed while he was dating Kristen Doute. Ultimately, he and Kristen broke up because she slept with Jax Taylor. Then, Tom and Ariana got together and have been an item for nine years. More so, they have a home together. Sadly, several months ago, Tom and their co-star and good friend, Raquel Leviss started an affair. Ariana learned about it Wednesday, March 1st and it was made public that Friday. The cast has all sided with Ariana, unfollowing both Leviss and Sandoval. So, what will happen next? That is anybody’s guess.

Do you think Tom Sandoval was really painted in a bad light or is he just being overly sensitive? Let us know your thoughts and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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  1. You can’t be painted in a bad light when you’re already a bad person. He’s the one who did this to himself. Crybaby.

  2. Ariana doesn’t want to get married or have children. Tom does. Rachel is young, beautiful and not as mean as Ariana appears to be. It is natural for Tom to be attracted to her. This is what happens to women who are just to woke. She needs to grow up.

  3. So fire Tom if he won’t fulfill his contract…hell fire him for being the slimy toad that he is!

  4. they can’t fire him because Jax cheated with Toms girlfriend. Jax cheated the whole time he was on the show. move on people

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