‘Bachelor’ Zach Shallcross Shocks With Sexless Fantasy Week?

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As The Bachelor Zach Shallcross edgers closer to hometown dates and his fantasy suite date week, he’s sharing what his expectations are. Normally, when the final three accept an invite into the fantasy suites with the lead, it’s assumed that things happen. In fact, many leads have admitted to intimacy taking place during those moments behind closed doors with no camera. Zach has been through fantasy suite week with Rachel Recchia as The Bachelorette. Now, he has his own three final women to share time with. What are his plans for this very important week? Keep reading to find out more.

Will Zach Shallcross have a  sexless fantasy suite week?

It’s a week the leads, contestants and fans look forward to. Fantasy suite week is when The Bachelor or The Bachelorette get overnight dates with their final three. Many admit to intimacy behind closed doors while some claim to have just spent the night talking. As Zach Shallcross heads toward this important week he has some thoughts on it. In an upcoming preview, fans can see Zach discussing this week with host Jesse Palmer.

He tells Jesse that he knows this week is known as “sex week.” However, it seems Zach may want to change that. Zach shares he has strong feelings for all three of his final choices and doesn’t want to mess anything up. So, he tells Jesse that he wants this week to be about love and not lust. So, Zach said, “As against the grain as it might seem for Fantasy Suite or overnight night suite, no sex.”

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Will he really live up to it? Nobody knows yet. However, there is another part of the preview that shows the women all crying and Zach saying, “I could lose a lot of women from this.” He continued, “It was a beautiful moment.”

His season so far

Zach has lived up to what he said would be fact at the beginning of his season. He is taking this seriously and wants to find a wife. So, if drama arises he ends it. Zach has proven more than once he is not afraid to send someone home if it seems they are stirring up trouble.

Zach has found some strong connections with many women. For those not reading spoilers, it’s still unclear who will be left standing at the end with Zach in Krabi, Thailand.

What do you think about Zach wanting a sexless fantasy suite week?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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