Paris Hilton’s 2023 Net Worth Blasts Right Past Her Parents

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Paris Hilton has an insane 2023 net worth and she is blasting right past her parents. The heiress comes from the iconic Hilton-brand family. Her mother is Kathy Hilton who stars on RHOBH and her father, Rick has his hands in many pots, mainly real estate. So, what is Paris’ net worth and how did she amass it? Read on for more details.

Paris Hilton’s 2023 Net Worth Blasts Right Past Her Parents

Paris Hilton has been on the scene for years now. She has ventured into reality TV with her good friend, Nicole Richie on The Simple Life. Furthermore, she has a lucrative fragrance brand. Despite her troubles with the law, Paris has been able to rebound, find love, get married, and have her first child. With all of her endeavors, it would make sense that she would be wealthy in her own right. However, her parents, Rick and Kathy have been in the business for decades.

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Rick has his own highly successful real estate business, which was where Kathy’s brother-in-law, Mauricio Umansky started out. The husband of Kyle Richards eventually left and formed the infamous The Agency. With Kyle being on RHOBH, she brought her sister, Kathy along for the ride. Kathy soon became a standout on the show, demanding a higher paycheck. According to Yahoo! Life, Kathy and Rick have a net worth of 350 million dollars.

Paris, Kathy/ YouTube
[Paris, Kathy, Credit: YouTube]
As for new mom, Paris Hilton, she has a net worth of around 300 million dollars, per Celebrity Net Worth. So, even though she has less than her parents, she is quickly catching up to them and has done all of this in less time. Granted, her last name has been an asset to Kim Kardashian’s close friend. However, she claims that she has done this all on her own. “Having the last name Hilton, people think everything was handed to me and I’ve never had to work a day in my life. But in reality, I’ve worked so hard, I’ve done this all on my own, I don’t take anything from my family, I’ve done this all by myself,” she told Piers Morgan in 2011.

How Did It All Happen?

As aforementioned, Paris Hilton was on reality television and has her fragrance line. This line has brought in over 4 billion dollars in revenue. Furthermore, she returned to reality television with a show about her wedding and her own Netflix cooking series. There was also her past as a DJ. In 2014, she claimed she could make one million dollars for a show. “I don’t want to be bragging, but it’s great to be paid well for what you love doing. My mother always told me it’s not polite to discuss money, but it’s true. I’m very proud. I’ve worked hard,” Hilton told the New York Post. Finally, her home is worth a pretty penny so she will definitely surpass her parents in no time.

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