Kanye West’s Former Flame Shares Where She Came From

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Kanye West and Brazilian model Juliana Nalu may have called it quits, however, there are still several people very interested in what she has to say. Now, the star is taking to her Instagram to talk about something very important to her – where she came from. Keep reading to find out more about Juliana and her past.

Kanye West’s ex shows more about herself

Normally, fans expect to see Juliana Nalu posing in some skimpy outfit, showing off her body for all of her Instagram followers. However, now, she’s showing that she’s much more than just a pretty face. The model took to her Instagram to share with her followers about not only where she’s from, but what she’s doing.

Juliana shares that she is from ‘The Favela of Chapadão.’ Apparently, she spent most of her life there, however, she shares that she dreamed about a better future when she was younger. Now, not only does she have that better future, but she is trying to provide that same future for others who are talented just like her.

Kanye West, Juliana Nalu | Instagram

“The favela of Chapadão was were I grew up and spent most of my life. Was there where I dreamed for the first time for a better future. There I’ve lost friends and family… but today, we gonna talk about so many TALENTS that we have over there,” she captions a new Instagram post.

She continues to explain what she will be doing to help everyone that is from her home. She has started a new project that seems to be an app where others like her can upload their work so that big names in the industry are able to discover them. She’s calling her project Favela Seeds.

“The only difference between us: I had an opportunity to make it different. And the mission is to give all of them the same one. Today, years later, I’m blessed and able to give back to my community. I’m happy to introduce you my new project: @favelaseeds,” she writes in the caption of the video.


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Fans support her

While normally, her fans are in her comments telling her just how stunning she looks, this time, they are there supporting the amazing new project she is working on.

What do you think of Kanye West’s ex’s new project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite reality TV stars and models.

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