Why Fans Are Unfollowing Whitney & Zach Bates

Whitney and Zach Bates - Instagram

Why have Bringing Up Bates fans begun unfollowing Whitney and Zach Bates on social media? Fans typically enjoy the couple’s content and like having the option to keep up with their growing family, especially now that their show has ended. But something they posted recently has rubbed fans the wrong way. What have they done to push fans away? Keep reading for all of the details.

On Instagram, Zach and Whitney share an account. It looks like Whitney is responsible for most of the posts about their family of six. She’s often posting cute photos and videos of Bradley, Kaci, Khloé, and Jadon. She shares positive posts, like her recent pregnancy announcement, and harder, sadder ones, including some about her late father. In general, the couple’s posts are well-received. But that just wasn’t the case this time.

Bringing Up Bates fans admit they’re getting annoyed.

On Wednesday, a fan took to Reddit to announce that they had unfollowed Whitney and Zach Bates’ joint account on Instagram. Something that the couple shared this week left their fans annoyed and upset. It looks like it was the final straw for some fans.

Whitney and Zach Bates - Instagram
Whitney and Zach Bates – Instagram

Why are fans unfollowing Whitney & Zach Bates?

On the Reddit thread, fans admitted that they unfollowed the couple due to their frequent ads. Some feel that the Bringing Up Bates stars only post on social media when there’s money to be made. On Wednesday, Zach and Whitney hopped on their Instagram Stories to promote an app they use for fasting. Right now, because Whitney is pregnant, Zach is the only one participating in intermittent fasting.

Below, you can see a few snaps from the promotional Instagram Stories.

Whitney and Zach Bates - Instagram
Whitney and Zach Bates – Instagram

One Reddit user admitted that they have unfollowed every Bates family member now. They said, “I don’t follow any of them anymore because all they do is post sponsorships.”

Yet another chimed in, “I had to unfollow her a few months back, too. She only ever posts ads and it’s tiring!”

Someone else added, “It’s amazing how she still has followers.”

It’s unclear how many fans are going to unfollow Zach and Whitney over this recent ad. But at least a few of them seem to be annoyed. As of now, the couple still has an impressive 351,000 followers. So, losing a handful of followers likely won’t make much of a difference.

So, does it surprise you that fans are getting tired of Whitney and Zach Bates’ ads? Do you mind that the couple promotes various products and apps on Instagram? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars.

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