What Did North West MAKE Kim Kardashian Do?

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What has North West made her mother, Kim Kardashian do now? It seems like the mother-daughter duo is always playing around and having fun. More so, North has become somewhat of a mini fashion icon which makes sense given who her parents are. Now, it seems that she has coerced Kim into doing something but what is it exactly? Read on for more details.

What Did North West MAKE Kim Kardashian Do?

Kim Kardashian loves to play with her four children especially her eldest, North West. She takes North to fashion shows and knows that she is somewhat of an influencer. North loves to show off on TikTok and it seems that she and her mother have a very fun, playful but mature relationship. More so, North is very fashion-forward which makes a lot of sense considering her father is none other than Kanye West. Now, Kim is admitting that North made her do something but what was it?

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According to The Sun, North made her mother copy her pink nails for Valentine’s Day. Kim Kardashian shared this detail in her Instagram story. As she was promoting the latest SKIMS PR box that was filled with V-day goodies, she took a moment to shout out her long, pink, bow-decorated nails. “How cute is our PR boxes? and my nails guys?” That was when the mogul shared where she got the nail inspo from.

@kimandnorthIce spice dupe

♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

“North made me copy her for Valentine’s Day,” she noted. In the above TikTok, the nails that Kim had to copy can be seen on North as she draws. However, it is not just Kim and North sporting these claws.c”Me, Chi, and North all have the same nails. Chi doesn’t have the long nails though,” Kim pointed out. This is quite a shift for Kim as she was the one who really never got her nails done. Her sister, Khloe has called her out for this and even complimented her when she did get them done.

Long Nails, Too Much?

When Kim Kardashian does sport long nails, she has worn the press-on kind which impressed Khloe Kardashian. She was shocked that Kim was able to reuse her nails but that’s also because Khloe actively gets her nails done. Along with their little sister, Kylie Jenner, she and Khloe are known for their lengthy claws. At one point, fans called out Khloe for how long her nails were especially when she just had brought home her newborn son. Fashion and style, from nails to outfits to hair, are very important to this family and it seems that North has her fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and in style.

Do you think it’s cute that North West and Kim Kardashian have matching nails? Is it fun that Kim got her inspiration from her daughter? Let us know in the comments below.

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