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‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Season 10 Ep. 1-4 Details Released

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Season 10 of Chrisley Knows Best premieres next week, which was extremely unexpected. Many fans did not think that the Chrisley family would be back on television this soon. However, USA revealed that new episodes will start airing despite Todd and Julie Chrisley’s recent imprisonment. Furthermore, the first four episode summaries of the new season have been released. So, what can fans expect? Read on for more details.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 10 Ep. 1-4 Details Released

It is almost time for Season 10 of Chrisley Knows Best to return. Fans were not expecting this at all so it is quite exciting for those who wanted to keep seeing the family. It was unclear what would happen to the series once Julie and Todd were convicted and then went away to their respective prisons. Luckily, USA had enough shows in the bag to bring the Chrisleys back for Season 10. More so, the first four episode summaries have been released. Here is what fans can expect from this over-the-top family.

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Chrisley Knows Best returns Monday, February 6th to USA Networks. So far, the first four episode descriptions have been released. Episodes 1 and 2 are called “Renovation Frustration Part 1 and 2”

  • Episode 1: “Todd’s drastic home renovation drives Julie away. Faye boosts morale at work with cow patty bingo.”
  • Episode 2: “Julie demands Todd make progress on the new house while she’s away for her birthday weekend.”
  • Episode 3: “Todd and Julie learn about dating in the digital age; Faye finds an outlet for her road rage.”
  • Episode 4: “Todd won’t share his new classic convertible with Harvey. Chase takes a swing at a golf business.”

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So, it is clear from this handful of episodes that they have nothing to do with Julie and Todd’s legal issues. In fact, based on Episode 4, Todd is still living large as if nothing is going on at all. However, there is bound to be something that comes up at some point in the season that tugs at the heartstrings of viewers. Inevitably, Chrisley Knows Best will have to show what happens when the family is faced with being torn apart and how this impacts them.

Can They Avoid It?

A big question for fans of Chrisley Knows Best is can the series avoid talking about the legal situation? Can they just go on, living their lives and getting into their antics without addressing anything? It is quite possible that enough episodes were taped around the sentencing. Therefore, the family could have just been living their best lives. Then, in the last episode, it will scroll a montage of what ended up happening to Todd, and Julie, and where the kids currently stand. Only time will tell but it will be nice to see them one last time as a family on TV screens.

Are you excited to see what Season 10 of Chrisley Knows Best has in store? Let us know and watch the premiere Monday on USA.

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