‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Did Tina Break Down & Get Gastric Bypass?

Tina Arnold from 1000-Lb Best Friends, TLC

When 1000-Lb Best Friends first premiered, Tina Arnold was adamant that she didn’t want bariatric surgery. She is married with four children and worried about what would happen to her family if she passed away during the procedure. Even though Dr. Procter encouraged her to think about bariatric surgery, she asserted that she could lose the weight all on her own.

Now that Season 2 is well underway, fans are eager to see if Tina really can stick to her goals without the help of surgery. However, some fans can’t help but wonder if she changed her mind.

1000-Lb Best Friends viewers have questions about Tina’s Keto diet

This year, Tina Arnold announced on Instagram that she was attempting the Keto diet again. The diet consists of low-carb and high-fat meals. She’s been having a lot of fun showing off her meals on Instagram.

Many 1000-Lb Best Friends fans were happy to see that Tina started eating better, but some were a little confused about her choice to go on the Keto diet.

Tina Arnold and Meghan Crumpler from 1000-Lb Best Friends, TLC
1000-Lb Best Friends/TLC

“Why does Tina need a keto diet? Shouldn’t she be on a bariatric diet?” one fan posted on Reddit.

“Guess it’s proof she didn’t get the surgery this season at all,” another user speculated.

“Wls surgery patient here – my bariatric surgeon had 3 different options for the pre-op diet, and one was keto. She could also just be generalizing and is on some type of low carb bariatric plan – lots of folks mistakenly call anything low carb keto,” someone else pointed out.

Tina Arnold and Meghan Crumpler from 1000-Lb Best Friends, TLC
1000-Lb Best Friends/TLC

So in a nutshell, it seems possible that Tina Arnold could be using the Keto diet as a way to prepare for bariatric surgery. On the other hand, she may just enjoy this particular diet and the health benefits that come with it. More information will likely come out as 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 2 explores her story.

Tina and Meghan will evaluate their living situation this season

The first few episodes of Season 2 are out now, but there’s still plenty of content left to come. When fans last left Tina Arnold and her best buddy Meghan, they were moving their household into a little hotel. A pipe burst in Tina’s home, forcing all eight occupants out.

After this episode aired, several fans began questioning why Meghan and her fiance Jon lived with Tina’s family in the first place. Online, fans couldn’t find many concrete answers but found the situation a little odd nevertheless. Some even thought the women may be faking the storyline for the sake of ratings. 

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