’90 Day Fiance’ Update: Who Is Big Mike Youngquist With Now?

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Who is 90 Day Fiance star Mike Youngquist currently seeing? When fans last saw him on television, he was wrapping things up with his estranged wife. Natalie Mordovtseva appeared in Season 3 of The Single Life but ended the year by visiting Mike. It appeared that she was willing to try and reignited the flame with her ex. However, his feelings were still up in the air and the only thing that was certain was that they were not filing for divorce at the time. So, have they reconciled, or has he moved on? Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance Update: Who Is Big Mike Youngquist With?

Mike left the door open with Natalie at The Single Life reunion. It could go either way with the couple but now it seems that this door may be closed. At least for now, anyway, as the reality star has been seen with another woman. In fact, she is a fellow reality star, as well. According to In Touch Weekly, Mike is and has been dating Marcia ‘Brazil’ Alves.

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The two have been linked since September of 2021 and have continued to spend time together ever since. For her part, she appeared on Season 3 of Bret Michaels’ now defunct VH1 show Rock of Love Bus. There, he gathered a flock of girls together to see which one would be his ultimate love in the end. Marcia was eliminated early on but went on to appear on I Love Money and Charm School. Now, she has been spending time with Mike and the two share a rep, Howard Wood.

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Mike and Marcia, Instagram

“I can only say that Mike and Marcia enjoy the time they spend together. They are both my clients, Marcia since the Rock of Love days and coincidentally, Mike is also a client. They both are extremely busy professionally and when they have the time to see each other, they do,” Wood explained. He has since confirmed this month that: “Mike and Marcia [are] still going strong and spending lots of time together.”

Natalie did not have much luck in her two The Single Life seasons. She hoped she could rekindle her 90 Day Fiance love with Mike. However, it seems that this door is closed for good. Yet, he did help her mother in Ukraine so it shows his heart is still pure and there really is no bad blood. Maybe she will get another shot next season. Either way, it is great to see Mike Youngquist smiling and happier than ever. Hopefully, they both can move on and find exactly what they have always needed and wanted.

What do you think of Mike’s new lady? Is this better than Natalie or do you still think that they will end up back together? Let us know in the comments below.

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