LMN’s Slay Bells Continues With Lifetime’s ‘Hall Pass Nightmare’


Lifetime’s Hall Pass Nightmare continues LMN’s Slay Bells thriller series. These are chillers that promise romance, and murder.

Starring in this LMN thriller is Andrea Bowen (Station 19, Psycho Sister-In-Law), Matt Magnusson (Dirty Sexy Saint, Behind Emily Lines), Gib Gerard (Deadly Daughter Switch, Love Accidentally), Ciara Carter (All American: Homecoming, Keeping Up With The Joneses), April Nelson (Bothered, Never Forgotten), Kacy Owens (The Madams, Maternal Instinct), Alan Pietruszewski (Westworld, Greenland), Maya Goodwin (Spies In Disguise, Castle), Jane Papageorge (Backwards), Ryan Sturz (Palm Springs, Quantum Leap), Andrew Sikking (One Dog Day, All Square), Katie Amanda Keane (Major Crimes, The Manor), Anne Stedman (Drunk Mom Reviews, Loot), Eva Ceja (Last Chance, American Bigfoot), and Nanda Ziegler (Rebel Rio!, Sins…).

Jeffrey Schenck (The Wrong Valentine, Deceived By My Mother-In-Law), and Peter Sullivan (The Killer In My Backyard, The Wrong Prince Charming) wrote the script and directed by Marla Sokoloff (Blending Christmas, Home, But Not Alone).

What Is Lifetime’s Hall Pass Nightmare About?

According to Lifetime, “After a brief tryst with ‘bad boy’ musician Dante, while on a work trip turned girls trip, Carrie suspects he might be stalking her, and learns that what happens on a girls trip…doesn’t always stay in the past.”

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

When Can You Watch Hall Pass Nightmare?

Don’t miss the network premiere of Lifetime’s Hall Pass Nightmare on Friday, December 9, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Sex, Lies And Murder Stars Lindsay Hartley

On Friday, December 9, at 6 p.m., Eastern, on LMN watch Sex, Lies and Murder. This movie stars Lindsay Hartley, Andrew Philip Rogers, Brooks Ryan, and Katie Kelly.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Maggie (Hartley) and Richard (Ryan) are college professors. She wrote a bestselling book on a serial killer.

Their marriage seems solid until she finds out that he has an affair with one of his college students. Now, the two have separated.

Not long after, Maggie goes out with a friend and meets Kyle (Rogers). The two have an intimate night and Maggie thinks it was a one-night stand.

However, Kyle turns up at Maggie’s class. Turns out, he is a big fan of her written work.

Now, Maggie’s life is turned around as Kyle seduces her daughter, and frames Richard for murder!

Used With Lifetime's permission
Used With Lifetime’s permission

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s Deadly Girl’s Night Out

On Friday, December 9, at 10 p.m., Eastern, on LMN is Lifetime’s Deadly Girl’s Night Out. This stars Gina Vitori, Ren Ashton, James Hyde, Emma Jessop, and Josh Murray.

According to the IMDb synopsis, “Deadly Girl’s Night Out is the story of three close friends planning a party out for the night. However, the night ends up in a tragic death that unravels deep secrets.”

In addition, the Lifetime Channel is airing It’s A Wonderful Lifetime through Christmas.

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