‘Bringing Up Bates’ Travis & Katie Clark’s Big Plans Crash & Burn

Bringing Up Bates - Travis & Katie Clark YouTube

Former Bringing Up Bates stars Travis and Katie Clark made some big plans, but unfortunately, they’ve crashed and burned. What’s going on with the Bates couple? Keep reading for all of the details.

Travis & Katie Clark prepare to become parents.

In their new YouTube video they released this weekend, Travis and Katie took fans along as they started preparing their baby’s nursery. The couple is currently expecting their first baby, a girl named Hailey James, who is due on March 4. They are very excited about their little one on the way and can’t wait to meet her. Bringing Up Bates fans are also thrilled for the parents-to-be.

They’ve started working on her nursery and recently picked out a light pink paint color. Their video shows them hard at work painting the nursery with the help of Travis’ mother.

However, amid this joyous time, the Bringing Up Bates couple was hit with some bad news about their big plans.

Bringing Up Bates - Travis & Katie Clark YouTube

The Bringing Up Bates stars’ plans crash & burn.

In their video, the couple sat down outside and talked to fans via their camera, revealing what was going on with their big plans. Ahead of their baby’s arrival, and in honor of their first wedding anniversary in December, the couple was planning a huge trip. They booked a cruise and were looking forward to getting away one more time as a couple before their baby’s birth.

Unfortunately, they explained that their anniversary trip and babymoon plans have fallen apart. They had everything booked, including their flights. And just two weeks before the cruise was set to leave, they learned that they could no longer go. The Bringing Up Bates stars explained that they had gone online to check in for the cruise. To do so, they had to upload their passports and fill in some extra details.

Then, the last question asked if Katie was more than 24 weeks pregnant or if she would be during the cruise. With a March 4 due date, Katie is right around 24 weeks as of November 13.

So, sadly, they can’t go on the trip. They’re trying to get their money back and hope to find another getaway they can safely go on.

The couple explained that they thought the cruise would have the same rules as flights. They are able to fly until she’s 36 weeks pregnant, so they didn’t expect the cruise to be any different.

So, are you disappointed to hear that Travis and Katie Clark’s trip was canceled? Do you look forward to their weekly videos? Sound off in the comments section, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family. Below, you can watch Travis and Katie’s new video to get the full rundown of their canceled plans and take a peek at their progress on the nursery.

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