‘Selling Sunset’ Fans Troll Mary Fitzgerald’s Embarrassing Jacket

Selling Sunset | Youtube

All the women (and even the men) from Netflix’s Selling Sunset are known for having impeccable fashion and dressing their best every day. After all, they are selling very expensive houses. However, it seems that fans are starting to doubt their fashion choices. Especially after Mary Fitzgerald’s recent outfit.

Selling Sunset star gets trolled

In a recent Instagram post, Mary Fitzgerald is showing off her outfit for showing houses. Of course, Mary is a fan favorite because of her high rank at the Oppenheim Group. However, that doesn’t mean they spare her when it comes to her choice of clothing.

In her post, Mary is wearing what looks like a black suit jacket. However, about a quarter of the jacket is gone, totally exposing her black bra underneath. She paired the statement top with some light-wash denim and black pumps. She then finished the whole look off with some chunky, silver jewelry. Her blonde hair is in a wavy, sassy bob as per usual.

She keeps the caption lighthearted writing: “Showing a house in these heels…. Not an easy task😂🖤”

However, it’s not the heels fans are noticing. Instead, it’s the rather interesting top she has on.

  • “Fire your stylist ! No no !”
  • “mary don’t wear this outfit again”
  • “You need a new stylist ASAP!”
  • “OMG, they didn’t finish making your jacket? Hope it was discounted.”

One person even went as far as to call the look a ‘mullet shirt.’

“It’s kinda like a mullet shirt, when you can’t decide between business or party.”

You can view the interesting look here.

Selling Sunset | Youtube
Selling Sunset | Youtube

Questioning the whole group

Of course, some in the comments couldn’t believe that this is what anyone would wear to sell a very expensive house in a professional setting. They even question if that is the whole draw to the O Group.

“And your bra?” one person starts. “Is that what people want when they want to genuinely buy a house? Is that the selling point of the Oppenheim group?!!”

Of course, these women do work in L.A. and they are wildly successful so they do probably know what is appropriate and what isn’t to wear when showing a house. However, this does seem like it could be taking things a bit far.

Selling Sunset | Youtube
Selling Sunset | Youtube

Do you watch Selling Sunset? What do you think of Mary’s outfit? Did she take things too far with this one? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite reality TV stars.

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