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Casey Anthony Finally Breaks Silence In 3-Part Peacock Doc

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Casey Anthony is finally speaking out. Anthony, who was acquitted of murdering her daughter, will get to have her say. For almost fourteen years, the world only saw Casey through a judicial lens. Now, in Peacock’s three-part documentary, she will get her time to say what she has held in all of this time. What will she reveal and does she know what went on that fateful night her daughter went missing? Read on for more details.

Casey Anthony Because The Focus Of A Media Circus

Back in 2008, Casey’s daughter, Caylee went missing. It made headlines all over the nation as people vigorously searched for the little two-year-old. According to People, the search was ongoing for six months. Finally, Caylee’s remains were found near Casey’s home in a wooded area. She became the prime suspect and was charged with murder. In 2011, Casey went on to have her trial which people could not look away from. They wondered if the young mother would find herself convicted of the murder of Caylee.

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Ultimately, Casey was acquitted that same year of manslaughter and murder, with approximately 40 million people tuning in. Yet, she was not completely off the hook. Ultimately, she still had to serve time for lying to the police and spoke to the Associated Press in 2017. However, that interview was not filmed nor televised. She also had a more negative attitude about how the world felt about her.

“I don’t give a s— about what anyone thinks about me, I never will. Based off what was in the media, I understand the reasons people feel about me. I understand why people have the opinions that they do,” Casey noted. She went on to add: “I didn’t do what I was accused of, but I fought for three years. Not just for me, but for my daughter.”

On Camera & Real

Finally, Casey Anthony will be seen on camera in a three-part documentary on Peacock. A source close to Casey alleges that she has been trying to live a relatively private life, under the radar. “Since she got out of jail, she’s kept to herself. And people are always talking s— about her. Every few months, a story about what she’s doing is published, and you guys [the media] just say whatever you want to say. But now she feels like it’s time for her to set the record straight and say what she needs to say. She wants her voice to be heard,” the source shared earlier this year.

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Talks of this doc started back in April and that was when the source came forward. Of course, leading a relatively low-key life does not exactly work for Anthony. Allegedly, she was involved in a bar fight last year. As for her love life, she has dated some but nothing serious has come of it. It will be interesting to see what she reveals. More so, it will be fascinating to see the public’s response to her side of the story.

Casey Anthony/YouTube

The three-part doc, Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies, will begin streaming on November 29th only on Peacock. Will you be tuning in or are you over Casey? Let us know in the comments.

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