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Fans Annoyed By Olivia Plath’s Self-Centered Behavior

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Welcome to Plathville fans are accusing Olivia Plath of being privileged and self-centered. Her latest acts have fans especially annoyed and some of them are now fed up with the TLC star. So, what did Olivia do, and what are fans saying about it? Keep reading for all of the details.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Olivia recently announced to fans that she had a trip planned. This past week, the Welcome to Plathville star took a trip to Peru. It was her first time going, thanks to a great deal on plane tickets. She has already shared a handful of photos with fans, and it looks like she had a nice time exploring.

This trip was just weeks after she arrived home from a month in Europe. While announcing her Peru trip, she said in an Instagram post, “I just can’t seem to get enough of broadening my horizons, and experiencing the world from other culture’s perspectives.”

Olivia Plath, YouTube

While some fans were excited for her and glad she got to travel again, others were shocked by her privilege and tone-deafness.

Fans Annoyed By Olivia Plath’s Self-Centered & Privileged Behavior

On RedditWelcome to Plathville fans and critics mentioned Olivia’s recent post about yet another trip. Many fans are pointing out the fact that not everyone can afford to travel so much and that she accepts any opportunity to “humble brag.”

Below, you can see a photo Olivia Plath shared from another recent outing with her friends.

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One Reddit user said, “Whenever she posts recommending that everyone should travel I want to slap her into next week. Like pretty much everyone would travel if they had the money and time to do so. When I was her age, I could barely pay the rent. She is so blind to her privilege.”

Others are talking about how self-centered and selfish Olivia Plath comes across at times. They mentioned that she often travels to cool places but ends up posting more photos of herself than of the scenery. One fan said, “She seems to think traveling is just paying a photographer to take half-naked and photoshopped glamour shots of yourself.”

Someone claimed that she’s “full of herself.”

So, do you think that Olivia Plath is self-centered or privileged? Do you get annoyed with her constant travel posts and the way she lives her life? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Welcome to Plathville news.

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