‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Susan Farmer 2022 Update

Susan Farmer from My 600-Lb. Life from TLC

Susan Farmer appeared on My 600-Lb. Life Season 3, when the show was still in its early days. Since then, there have been seven additional seasons and also many episodes of Where Are They Now.

But where exactly is Susan Farmer these days? Was she able to keep up with the dramatic progress she achieved on the show? Read on to see what TV Shows Ace managed to discover.

Susan Farmer’s dramatic transformation can be seen online

Susan Farmer isn’t very active on Facebook, but she has uploaded several photos that document her progress over the years. Her Facebook photos definitely tell the story of her weight loss journey.

During her time on TLC, Susan managed to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery as well as skin removal surgery. It’s clear that the process really worked for her.

Susan Farmer from Facebook
Susan Farmer/Facebook

Susan really hasn’t posted many photos in the last few years, but it looks like she was still on a healthy path as of 2019. Her followers noticed she looks a lot healthier in her most recent photos.

Susan Farmer from Facebook
Susan Farmer/Facebook

Sadly, there isn’t a ton of information available about Susan Farmer in 2022. But her determination lead her fans to believe that she’s managed to stay on a better path since her episode aired back in Season 3.

Hopefully, Susan will share more updates with her fans shortly. It would be great to revisit her story in another Where Are They Now update, even though she already had one episode dedicated to her journey.

Dr. Now is trying to get fans excited about My 600-Lb. Life Season 11

TLC hasn’t released any formal announcements about the future of My 600-Lb. Life. However, many fans hold onto hope that the show is going to return very soon. For starters, Dr. Now has been talking about the new season on his Instagram page.

“All new season of my 600lb life will be aired soon,” the Iranian bariatric surgeon captioned his Instagram post.

Additionally, TLC has been airing plenty of reruns, leading fans to believe that an announcement may be just around the corner. Waiting for show renewal announcements can be challenging, but fans will just have to be patient until the announcement finally comes.

Fans that just can’t get enough of Dr. Now can order a pair of his special customized earrings in the meantime.

Stay tuned for the latest My 600-Lb. Life news and updates. Susan Farmer may not have a very active social media presence, but many other cast members are. Sarah Neely has had a successful journey, so check out her story.

There will be more updates on the future of My 600-Lb. Life as soon as anything new is available. Check back and see what happens next.

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