‘GMA’ Sam Champion Says ‘It’s Too Much’ Fans Rally

Sam Champion from Instagram

Good Morning America fans are so excited that meteorologist Sam Champion decided to do Dancing With The Stars this year. Many viewers thought he and his partner Cheryl Burke had an amazing performance during the show’s opening night. Sam and Cheryl easily made it through to the next episode, which will be Elvis Night.

So what exactly can fans expect from his upcoming performance?

It seems that producers couldn’t decide whether or not Sam Champion should wear an Elvis wig or not. And it appears that the meteorologist’s fans were pretty united on this front. Keep reading to see what happened.

Sam Champion isn’t that excited about what DWTS producers want

Weatherman Sam Champion loves interacting with his fans. He keeps a pretty regular vlog on his Instagram page where he educates followers about the weather, answers, questions, and keeps people informed about his life. Now that he’s part of Dancing With The Stars, ballroom dance is touched on frequently.

Sam Champion from Instagram
Sam Champion/Instagram

According to the GMA star, the competition has him completely wiped out. He’s enjoying his time on the show, but he’s exhausted. This week he and Cheryl Burke will tackle the Viennese Waltz to an Elvis song. And this is where he needed a little bit of advice.

In his recent vlog, he said that producers wanted him to wear an Elvis wig. Admittedly, Sam wasn’t that excited about it. And as it turns out, neither were his fans.

“I don’t wanna dance in a wig. I think that’s too much around me when I got enough to kind of freaking figure out,” the weatherman confessed.

In the video, Sam revealed that he thought his natural hair was long enough to pull off an Elvis look and asked his fans for feedback. They all seemed to share the same sentiments.

Sam Champion from Instagram
Sam Champion/Instagram

No wig spray color will work❤️” one follower wrote.

“Modern day makeup is fantabulous!!! Skip the wig and let them work some magic with the makeup! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” another chimed in. 

What do you think? Should Sam Champion wear a wig for Elvis Night, or is his hair just fine with the current length? No matter what you feel, be sure to share your opinions in the comments below. Let everyone know what’s on your mind.

Catch the new episode of DWTS this Monday night

Hopefully, Sam Champion will get his way and won’t have to wear a silly wig. Many fans agreed that it would be too distracting and just want Sam to have his natural hair.

Elvis Night will begin at 8 PM eastern time this Monday night on Disney+. Tune in and see exactly what Sam and Cheryl come up with this week! They need your votes to stay in the competition, so don’t forget to text in and vote.

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