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Lifetime Greenlights ‘Desperate Hours,’ Directed By Gina Gershon

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Lifetime has greenlit another Ann Rule true crime movie, Desperate Hours. This stars Samantha Mathis (Billions, The Strain), Harrison Thomas (Better Call Saul, 600 Miles), and David Conrad (Ghost Whisperer, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.). 

Conor Allyn (In The Fire, Secrets Of My Stepdaughter), and Benjamin Anderson (A House On Fire)wrote the script, based on the Ann Rule novel, Last Chance, Last Dance, and Gina Gershon is the director.

This movie is in the same vein as Lifetime’s popular Ripped From The Headlines movies.

What Is Lifetime’s Desperate Hours About?

According to The Futon Critic, Val (Mathis) is a mother with young children, who has found herself in a horrific situation. They have all been held hostage by Denny (Thomas).

Earlier in the day, Denny committed a murder. As a fugitive, he broke into Val’s home, and now is holding them hostage.

Val knows that her husband Mark (Conrad) is due home anytime. She knows she must think quickly, otherwise, Denny will commit a second murder.

Therefore, she suggests to Denny that she take him anywhere he wants to go. Next she “becomes his unwilling accomplice as he goes on a rampage of destruction. Despite the traumatic events, Val builds a rapport with her captor and uses the relationship to help save the lives of bystanders, herself, and even the life of her captor.”

When Is The Premiere Of Desperate Hours?

Although they just wrapped up filming Desperate Hours, it will not premiere until 2023.

David Conrad, Samantha Mathis, and Harrison Thomas used with Lifetime/A&E permission
David Conrad, Samantha Mathis, and Harrison Thomas used with Lifetime/A&E permission

This Is Gina Gershon’s Full-Length Movie Directorial Debut

When Lifetime announced this project on Friday, Gina Gershon went to Instagram to share the news. This is the first full-length movie she has ever directed.

I’m very excited to say that I just directed my first movie for Lifetime- “Desperate Hours!” Inspired by the best-selling true crime novel written by Ann Rule- i’m so grateful to my wonderful and amazing cast @samantham01 and @harrisonthomasactor @davidconrad_jimclancy @[email protected] #hannahdunne @jessecboyd for getting me through a 15 day shoot. Insane. @lifetimetv more to come 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Back in early August, Gershon shared a photo on Instagram of herself, along with Sheriff Jim.

Here i am with Sheriff Jim in West Virginia. He is letting me use his jail cell to shoot my movie in. Everything feels surreal. At any rate , it always good to be pals with the Sheriff, whatever state you find yourself in. Especially West Virginia……

Gina with Sheriff Jim for Lifetime movie-
Gina with Sheriff Jim for Lifetime movie-

Lifetime Has Adapted 10 Ann Rule True-Crime Movies

In addition to the other recent Lifetime greenlit movie, A Rose For The Grave, the network will have adapted 10 of Anne Rule’s true-crime works. This includes Everything She Ever Wanted starring Gina Gershon. Therefore, she has been involved in two of these movies. 

What are the other seven movies that Lifetime adapted from Ann Rule’s works? They include Too Late to Say Goodbye starring Rob Lowe, Hunt for the I-5 Killer starring John Corbett, and A Murder to Remember, which was adapted from the book, Empty Promises, and directed by Robin Givens.

In addition, Lifetime has adapted Capture of the Green River Killer starring Tom Cavanagh, Sleeping with Dangerwhich was adapted from Mortal Danger, starring Elisabeth Röhm, and Circle of Deception, which was adapted from Practice to Deceive, starring Diane Neal, and directed by Ashley Williams.

Don’t forget A House on Fire, which is adapted from Bitter Harvest, and stars Stephanie March.

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