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Amy King Warns Anna Duggar About ‘Narcissists & Sociopaths’

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Duggar cousin Amy King is using her platform once again. This time, she’s speaking up and warning Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, about narcissists and sociopaths. Keep reading to get all of the details about the situation.

Amy King uses her platform to speak out against Josh Duggar.

On social media, since Josh’s 2021 child pornography arrest, Amy has been speaking out against him. She has called out her cousin’s actions and has said she’s been praying about it all.

Several times, she has also shared open messages to Anna, hoping to encourage her to leave Josh. Amy King has even offered to help Anna and her seven children.

But as of right now, it seems unlikely that Anna will budge. She recently updated her social media bios but left in the part about being “happily married.” Fans thought this would change when Josh was sentenced to 12 years behind bars. But it looks like Anna is still committed.

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Despite this, Amy is continuing to try to reach her cousin’s wife.

Anna Duggar receives a bold warning.

Now, Amy King has used her social media platform to say something else to Anna Duggar. In a tweet, Amy shared a post about narcissists and sociopaths. When sharing it on social media, she specifically tagged Anna’s Twitter account. It’s worth noting that she tagged Anna’s old profile, which hasn’t been used in several years.


The text post she included mentions, “Narcissists and sociopaths have no guilt about laying in bed next to you while texting another woman or man.”

The quote goes on to list the things sociopaths and narcissists can do while in a committed relationship. Finally, the post reads:

“They can follow and comment on dozens of pornographic social media accounts all while simultaneously declarring their primary partner the ‘love of their life’ in public. Their lack of empathy is stunning; their disrespect has no boundaries.”

This tweet is different than some of the other posts Amy King has shared because she specifically mentioned Anna’s name and tagged her in it. As of right now, Anna has not publicly responded to this message from Amy. But fans are applauding the Duggar cousin for speaking up and hoping to help Anna wake up.

So, what do you think of Amy King’s latest social media post directed at Anna Duggar? Do you think Anna will take it seriously or ignore it? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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