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‘MBFFL’ Fans: Will Whitney Way Thore Ever Lose Weight?

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) fans are beginning to wonder if Whitney Way Thore will ever lose weight. Her TLC show is currently in its 10th season, and she’s been open with fans about her health. But viewers don’t think she has lost any weight or made much progress on her health journey.

Earlier this month, Whitney, her family, and her friends returned to TLC for another season. So far, in this season, there has been a lot of focus on her mother Barbara Thore’s health after her second stroke.

Now, fans are beginning to wonder what might be ahead for MBFFL star Whitney. They want to know if she’s ever going to lose weight or if she’s going to continue to live her life this way.

Whitney Way Thore, YouTube, MBFFL

So, what exactly are fans saying and what do they think might be in Whitney’s future?

MBFFL fans speculate whether Whitney Way Thore will lose weight.

Because Whitney doesn’t appear to be making much progress when it comes to her health, fans are concerned that she may never lose weight. She has several health concerns, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which can cause weight gain.

On RedditMBFFL viewers are discussing her situation. One fan ponders, “Why does she have so many gym scenes but never changes in the way she looks? Is she medically capable of reaching a smaller size? How can someone talk about diet/fitness so much while never losing weight?”

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Others think that the workouts she does with Jess are ineffective. One fan points out, “She cannot even do the exercises because of her size.” So, this could be contributing to her not losing weight, too, despite being at the gym often.

Other Reddit users are pointing out that she seems to binge eat. One MBFFL viewer recalled seeing  a”floor full of fast food bags in certain car scenes, or an astonishing number of empty booze bottles in her bedroom, or when her friends tease her about her multiple-times-per-day Starbucks addiction.”

Whitney Way Thore from Reddit

Of course, this is all speculation and MBFFL fans don’t actually know what’s ahead for Whitney. They hope that she eventually loses some weight to improve her health.

So, do you agree with Reddit users that Whitney Way Thore might not ever lose weight? Or do you think she will eventually get there? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more MBFFL news.

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  1. I believe this medical issue is an excuse for Whitney to keep eating. Most overweight people are so overweight it’s too overwhelming for them to actually lose weight. She is huge but doesn’t realize how unattractive this is, because she has a pretty face. She needs to get real and quit dragging another person or two around. Bad for her health. Her parents have given her an overly inflated opinion of herself. I can’t stand to watch people who are as fat as she is. Take her off the air. Her show is absolutely nonsense.

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