‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Alexis Bledel & Husband Call It Quits

Alexis Bledel from The Tonight Show

Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel and her husband of eight years, Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser, are calling it quits. The pair met on the set of Mad Men when Alexis Bledel had a guest starring role for a story arc and began dating shortly after. They married in 2014 and had a son together in 2015.

However, Us Weekly reports that Vincent Kartheiser filed for divorce with New York’s Putnam County Supreme Court this week. The publication reached out to the couple’s representatives for comment but hasn’t heard anything back.

Alexis Bledel & Vincent Kartheiser keep much of their personal lives under wraps

Many Alexis Bledel fans know her from the iconic series, Gilmore Girls. However, she’s also had many starring roles in projects like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and The Handmaid’s Tale. She played Beth Dawes in three episodes of Mad Men, where her character had a torrid affair with Vincent Kartheiser’s character, Pete Campbell.

Alexis Bledel from The Gilmore Guys, YouTube
Alexis Bledel/The Gilmore Guys, YouTube

Us Weekly also confirms they broke the news when Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser announced their engagement.

“I’m a very lucky man,” Kartheiser said at the time. “I keep saying girlfriend. And then I’m like, ‘I mean, my fiancée!’”

The couple do have a son together, though they’ve always been very secretive about his identity. They never even publically announced his name. It isn’t currently known whether or not Kartheiser and Bledel have any more children.

Scott Patterson, who played Luke on Gilmore Girls, has plenty of kind things to say about Alexis Bledel as a mother.

“She’s really blossomed as a woman and now she’s a proud new mother and married and happy,” the actor told Glamour several years ago. “We’re comparing notes because my son is about a year and a half older than her young son. I’m showing her photos and videos and what to expect. We’re just really enjoying each other’s company.”

For now, many major details about the split also remain a mystery. Since Bledel and Kartheiser both enjoy their privacy, they may never officially comment on the divorce.

Is Gilmore Girls ever coming back?

The Gilmore Girls revival wasn’t wildly popular with viewers. Now, fans wonder if Netflix will try for another sequel, or if A Year In The Life will be the end of the series. In previous interviews, Scott Patterson said he felt optimistic about the possibility of future episodes, since A Year In The Life ended on such a massive cliffhanger.

However, it seems to be a matter of getting all the actors together again. Most of them have healthy, thriving careers since their days on Gilmore Girls and can be tough to pin down.

Stay tuned for the latest television news. There will be plenty of news to share, so keep checking back for more.

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