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The Truth About Josh Duggar’s Car Business Revealed?

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In the past, Josh Duggar claimed that he provided for his family by running a car lot. He also said he made some money from his dad, Jim Bob’s commercial real estate. However, new details have surfaced about his used car business and how lucrative it really was. Keep reading to get all of the information that’s been uncovered so far.

The Duggar family never shared too much information about Josh’s job. His wife, Anna Duggar, previously told fans that her husband was a diligent worker. And fans knew where he was working, but that was about it.

So, just how successful was his car business?

In the spring of 2021, Josh was arrested at his car lot on child pornography charges. This is the location where the feds were able to track the disgusting downloads back to. He has since been sentenced to 12 years behind bars. Since this scandal began, Anna and Josh Duggar have gone broke, suggesting that the car business wasn’t doing so well financially.

Josh Duggar, YouTube

In a new YouTube video, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared her findings about Josh and Anna’s financial situation. She looked into the tax details for the business.

She revealed that Josh’s business wasn’t very lucrative. Most of the cars he had for sale were totaled and repaired, so they weren’t new or expensive vehicles.

Josh Duggar’s car lot not as successful as it seemed?

Katie Joy noted that, during several years, Josh Duggar had less than $10,000 worth of inventory. While he and Anna claimed that he was providing for his family of nine, it’s unclear how he was able to do so with just $10,000 worth of inventory on the car lot.

In a comment, Katie Joy also informed fans that the car lot had few sales. She said, “I have spoken to numerous people that have either worked at the lot or are friends with the Duggars. One person said that Jed went several months without selling a car….”

Josh Duggar Twitter
Josh Duggar Twitter

Katie Joy questioned how Josh Duggar was able to provide for his family when he was making very little money at the car lot. At this point, those details are unknown. But fans now know that his business wasn’t nearly as lucrative as it might have seemed and something else might have been going on behind the scenes so he could support his large family.

At his sentencing, Josh Duggar was also slapped with a $50,100 fine. But given the truth about his car lot, it doesn’t sound like he and Anna have the funds to pay the fine. There’s now a lien on Jim Bob Duggar’s home.

You can watch Katie Joy’s video here.

So, does this information about Josh Duggar’s business surprise you? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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