Fans Question What If Uncle Dale & Aunt KiKi Raised Busby Quints

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OutDaughtered fans are speculating about what the Busby quints’ lives would look like if they had been raised by Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi Mills. Would their lives have been better or worse? Keep reading to see what fans have to say about this idea.

Though Dale and KiKi didn’t raise the Busby quints themselves, they are still very close with them. The Busbys and the Mills spend a lot of time together. If you follow them on social media or watch OutDaughtered, you have seen the two families interact quite a bit. Fans especially love the bond that Hazel Busby shares with Uncle Dale.

Below, you can see a sweet snap of Dale, KiKi, McKenzie, and Bronson with the Busby quints. The doting uncle shared this photo on the quints’ seventh birthday in April.

Uncle Dale Mills Instagram

As fans are enjoying seeing pictures and videos of Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi with the Busby quints, they’ve begun to wonder how the girls’ lives would be different without Danielle and Adam as their parents.

Fans wonder what would have happened if Uncle Dale & Aunt KiKi raised the Busby quints.

On RedditOutDaughtered fans raised an interesting question. One fan asked, “What would happen if Dale and Crystal were the parents instead of A + D? Would they be better parents? Would they not force their kids to film?”

One fan believes that Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi appreciate the fame they’ve gotten from OutDaughtered. Though they aren’t the stars of the show, they still get quite a bit of attention from fans. Many people even follow them on social media.

Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki Outdaughtered
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The fan writes, “I’m not sure. I feel like all the recognition from being on the show has gone to their heads as well..”

Someone else claims there would be “no hope” for the Busby girls with Aunt KiKi as their mother. Another points out, “Well Crystal can’t spell surprise and thinks a squid is made of cheese so there’s that.”

On the other hand, one fan thinks the Busby quints might have had a better upbringing with Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale.

OutDaughtered quints and Blayke
dbusby | Instagram

They speculate, “I’ve seen both Crystal and Dale look pretty surprised at how the girls act and their kids seem well-behaved, so I’d tend to think the girls would have had higher expectations set for them if Crystal and Dale were their parents.”

What would happen if Dale and Crystal were the parents instead of A + D?
by u/youhave69seconds in OutdaughteredSnarks

So, how else do you think the Busby quints’ lives would have changed with Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi Mills as their parents instead? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the OutDaughtered stars.

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