‘Counting On’ Jeremy Vuolo Takes Major Steps To Keep Girls Safe

Jeremy Vuolo, YouTube, Counting On

Former Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo is taking major steps to keep his girls safe. See what the caring dad did for his daughters, Felicity, 3, and Evangeline, 1.

In general, Counting On fans think that Jeremy seems like a good father, though he does get backlash here and there. Of course, because he’s in the public eye, he can’t always avoid this.

His recent social media post showed exactly what he’s done to keep his daughters safe and at ease. He knew his little girls may not feel comfortable or might be scared, so he took major steps to prevent any issues. So, what did he do for Felicity and Evangeline this weekend?

Jeremy Vuolo, YouTube, Counting On

Counting On: Jeremy Vuolo reveals what he did to keep his girls safe.

In a new Instagram story post on Monday, July 4, Jeremy shared how he and his wife, Jinger, are keeping things quiet and calm for their daughters. He shared a basic text post with all of the details.

He wrote, “We have three white noise machines going off in our girls’ rooms and lullabies on full-blast to try to keep them asleep while fireworks are going off. The 4th in LA is wild.”

Before Jinger and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles a couple of years ago, they lived in Laredo, Texas. And Jinger is previously from Arkansas. So, it sounds like things are much different from what they’re used to.

Then, Jeremy had an important realization and wanted more people to read it. He wrote, “But it’s made me think about how blessed we are that it’s fireworks celebrating freedom keeping them awake, not bombs assaulting it.”

Finally, the former Counting On star added, “Praying for those in war-torn nations like Ukraine as we celebrate our freedom tonight.”

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

Jinger also reposted this on her Instagram stories for fans to read.

It sounds like the Vuolo family opted for a low-key 4th of July celebration by staying at home with their daughters. Hopefully, the girls were eventually able to sleep soundly. However, as Jeremy mentioned in his post, it was only one night and it was not a dangerous situation. He certainly seems to be grateful for that.

So, what do you think of former Counting On stars Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s precautions for their daughters? Do you think he’s a great father? Tell us in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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