’90 Day Fiance’ Zied Wants To Go Back To Tunisia, Marriage Over?

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90 Day Fiance fans have watched the evolution of Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi’s relationship. It has had a lot of rough patches, especially once Zied moved to America. So, is he ready to stay in Tunisia and leave his marriage behind?

Finding 90 Day Fiance Love

Viewers first met Zied and Rebecca on the 90 Day spinoff Before the 90 Days. The two had met on Facebook and though she was twenty years older than him, they truly connected. However, Rebecca was not completely transparent with Zied as she had filtered her photos to look a tad different. Plus, she was still technically married. Though she lived in Georgia and Zied was from Tunisia, it did not matter so she took the leap and finally flew over to see him. The connection was real when they met at the airport. He even picked her up wearing a shirt with one of her filtered pictures on it. Due to his country and how he was raised, he was a tad controlling.

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This was something that caused issues and Rebecca had to attempt to understand how to handle him. Ultimately, they decided to get engaged and begin the K-1 process. He moved to Georgia but did not get the warm reception from her family that he had hoped for. The two appeared on Season 8 of the OG series which saw her daughter and SIL being incredibly rude. It felt like he was always defending himself. In the end, Rebecca and Zied got married in April of 2020. They went on to appear on the spinoffs What Now? and 90 Day Diaries. This is now showing all might not be happy in paradise.

Over And Done?

In the initial 90 Day Diaries preview, Zied had a big bomb to drop on his wife. There is so much to unpack with the two of them, it could mean anything. Plus dramatic effect brings viewers. In a clip for this week’s episode, posted by TLC, Rebecca is confused about where Zied’s head is at. She feels very confused since he is currently in Tunisia so they hop on video chat. He would like her to come there but she needs more clarity on what that means exactly. Zied explains that he is happy with Rebecca and he loves her very much but that they have a problem in the house.

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Therefore, he thinks it would be great if she came and stayed with him as it would be more comfortable. She is shocked but happy that he wants her by his side over in Tunisia. He is not abandoning her and, for that, she is grateful. She loves his country but she doubts it will be easy. It is suggested that they give it a month or two trial and see where they are at. For Rebecca, she cannot believe how much they went through to get Zied over here. Now, he so quickly wants to go home. It’s a lot to take it.

Will she take the leap and go be with her man or are they risking the end of their love? Watch 90 Day Diaries Mondays on TLC.

*90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC.

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