Jason Duggar’s Shirtless Snap Shocks Fans: See Photo

Jason Duggar Instagram

Former Counting On star Jason Duggar was surprisingly spotted shirtless this week. Due to the Duggar family’s modesty rules, fans were shocked to see this photo of him. Keep reading to get all of the details and see the new photo of him.

James Duggar Instagram, Jason Duggar

Jason Duggar is spotted shirtless.

This week, on social media, a shirtless snap of Jason Duggar was discovered. This might surprise you because of his family’s strict rules about modesty. The women are encouraged to cover up and wear long skirts or dresses with modest tops.

However, the Duggar men haven’t been seen shirtless either. So, while the modesty rules seem to be more important for the women to follow, the men still keep themselves covered up, too.

Below, you can see the snap of Jason Duggar without a shirt on. This was included in an Instagram Reel on his brother James Duggar’s page. James gave fans a peek as he enjoyed a day out on the water on a boat.

Jason is on the right and another friend is on the boat with him.

James Duggar Instagram

You can watch the full Reel here. Jason can only be seen shirtless for a split second, so watch the video carefully.

Fans react to the shocking new photo.

The shirtless snap of Jason made it onto Reddit, where Duggar fans and critics began discussing it. Many of them are shocked to see him without a shirt on. Of course, they don’t find anything wrong with this, especially because the guys are enjoying some time out on the water together. They are simply surprised because of the Duggar family’s rules.

Jason Duggar Instagram
Jason Duggar Instagram

One fan references the Duggar family’s old swimming attire, noting, “Guess his days of having to swim in jeans and a t shirt is long gone.”

Someone else points out Jason Duggar’s other recent move. After Josh Duggar was found guilty on child pornography charges and sentenced to 12+ years behind bars, Jason spoke out online. One fan writes, “First he speaks out against josh, now he has no shirt on? I wonder if he’s rebelling or they just don’t care anymore.”

Another fan chimes in, “When your brother is in prison for CSAM, I guess going shirtless on a boat doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal.”

So, does it surprise you that Jason Duggar has been spotted without a shirt on? Do you think it’s interesting, given the Duggar family’s modesty rules? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.

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