Kim Kardashian Ruins Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Dress For Met Gala Look?

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Kim Kardashian went to great lengths to wear Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress for the Met Gala. She lost sixteen pounds to squeeze into it and even then, it was a tight fit. Now it appears the dress may not be the same after being loaned out by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Kim Kardashian Emulates An Icon

The Met Gala is a night where everyone in attendance pulls out all of the stops to serve the best looks in fashion. The bigger the better is the name of the game and Kim Kardashian is no exception. This year, the theme was the Gilded Age so she decided to stun everyone by literally being Marilyn Monroe. The reality star and entrepreneur was able to borrow the gold Jean Louis dress which the late Monroe wore for JFK’s 45th birthday. Though the two have very different body types, Kardashian did all that she could to fit into the dress.  Now, keep in mind that this dress was actually custom-made for Marilyn’s body. Kim went on a super diet to lose sixteen pounds in just three weeks.


Furthermore, she underwent a ten-hour coloring process to achieve Marilyn’s platinum blonde look. She even said she did not care if her hair fell out at that point. Once at the venue, Kim was closed off so she could change into the dress which still did not completely fit. To accommodate her curves, she did not even have it fully zipped up. Rather, she wore a wrap around her and then changed into a duplicate gown. The dress was then flown back to safety. Unfortunately, once it had been returned, it appears it may have undergone some damage.

Oh No, The Dress!

According to People Magazine, the dress has been damaged. This is per Marilyn Monroe historian and collector Scott Fortner. He was given images of the damage from ChadMichael Morrisette who worked with Ripley’s on the auction to obtain the gold dress. “I know this dress, and the damage is so apparent,” Morrisette shared. He was stunned that Ripley’s would allow this all for a “publicity stunt.”

Apparently, there are jewels missing and the seam has suffered, as well. “The gown’s original fabric isn’t even available today. Crystals that were seen in photos and videos of the dress prior to the Met Gala are no longer present, and some are literally hanging by threads. The fabric of the dress is ripped and pulled apart,” Morrisette concluded. Both Ripley’s and Kim have yet to comment. The estate for Monroe said she would have been “delighted” over Kim wearing the dress.

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