‘The Family Chantel’: Winter Panics Pre-Op In Upcoming Preview

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Season 4 of The Family Chantel just began yet it is already filled with a lot of bumps and changes. Chantel and Pedro cannot seem to get along with one another. Yet it is Chantel’s sister, Winter who is finally finding her path to loving herself. She has finally settled on getting weight loss surgery. Now that the time has come, will Winter settle into her decision or will she panic?

The Family Chantel Is Overall Struggling

This season is not unlike any other for Pedro and Chantel. They are struggling as per usual. The couple has moved into a new home and they are trying to adjust to their new life. However, they cannot seem to get along no matter what they do and it has nothing to do with cheating allegations. Chantel graduated from nursing school but Pedro just assumed she would be rolling in the dough. When he learned that was not the case, he had to go get a job. Now he is starting out in real estate yet they are missing the mark everywhere they turn.


At the same time, Chantel’s younger sister Winter has finally decided to take a drastic step when it comes to her health and her weight. She has long contemplated getting weight loss surgery and even consulted a doctor about it. In the end, she chose to lose weight on her own. Still, it seemed she just could not fully achieve the best version of herself in her mind. Finally, she made the decision to undergo bariatric surgery and will head to Mexico for the procedure. Her mother, Karen, and Chantel will accompany her but as they make their arrival, the panic sets in.;

Panic Upon Arrival

It is Winter’s first time in Mexico, as seen in the clip. She says she is more nervous about the aftermath as she has become comfortable with who she is. Winter explains that she does not necessarily hate who she is and what she looks like. She admits in her confessional that it has been an emotional rollercoaster to decide to get this procedure. It will be life-changing in so many ways and that is what she seems to be mentally preparing herself for. She is now starting to freak out because it is real but she has the sales coordinator, Kayla who can relate to her.


Though she is skinny now, she was once over 300 pounds. Her husband was unsure how he would feel about her once he saw her post-surgery so that was a burden. She does feel Winter is ready because she has this great mentality about herself going into the surgery. Karen and Chantel are safe with Winter in Mexico and meeting Kayla has given them some reassurance. However, this is their family and they are understandably still scared.

How will it all play out? Watch The Family Chantel Mondays on TLC.


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