Kylie Jenner Continues Taunting Fans With Her Wealth

Kylie Jenner | Youtube

Kylie Jenner is not making too many fans right now. The star continues to get torn apart for flaunting her wealth and then continues to flaunt her wealth. This time she’s sporting a very expensive set of gloves and a bag.

Kylie Jenner flaunts her wealth…again

The Kardashian and Jenner family have a lot of money. However, some seemingly like to show it off more than others. Kylie Jenner is one of those people fans seem to think. According to The Sun, she’s sharing even more of her fabulous belongings on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner | Instagram
Kylie Jenner | Instagram

In an Instagram story, she is showing off $3K worth of new accessories she has gotten from Balmain. This includes a pair of driving gloves with her name on them. She also got a green purse and some white slides. Seeing as this isn’t the first time, her fans have been letting her know how they feel about her showing off all of her things on Instagram.

  • “Imagine being that rich that can you just drop $200K on a basic looking bag.”
  • “Must be nice to swipe and not worry about your bank account ever again.”
  • “… I can’t even begin to imagine paying thousands for a bag… it’s meaningless. and stupid…”
  • “Keep flaunting your wealth Kylie – that’s the only thing you know how to do.”
Kylie Jenner | Instagram Story
Kylie Jenner | Instagram Story

Stormi also has expensive taste

Kylie Jenner just took Stormi to Ulta to see her collection, Kylie Skin, and Kylie Cosmetics. While the shopping trip was adorable and it looks like Stormi had a ton of fun, she also had something very expensive with her. It’s important to remember Stormi is only four years old.

“took my angel baby gorgeous goosey girl to see @kylieskin & @kyliecosmetics at @ultabeauty,” Kylie writes. “still such a dream every time i visit. thank you to the entire ulta team always xx.”

Despite her age, while shopping, she had a $2K pink Prada bag on her arm. Not only were fans less than impressed by this, but they just don’t really seem to be feeling Kylie at all right now.

  • “Stormi just wanna go outside and play Kylie.”
  • “It literally makes no sense to go purchase your own makeup [w]tf?”
  • “Well someday she is going to inherit it, she gotta now how it works.”
  • “They must have known and stocked it all up and organized before she arrived! Cause the one [store] in Burbank is always a mess and out of all the shades.”

It will be interesting to see if Kylie changes her behavior to keep some of her followers around, or if she will continue just doing whatever she wants.

Do you think Kylie Jenner is flaunting her wealth? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Kardashian family members.

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  1. Kylie is USELESS, UNTALENTED, BRAIN-DEAD, PATHETIC, SELF-ABSORBED…I can go on forever. Her and her family are nothing but a waste of space where life is concerned. They attract nothing but the same gutter trash that they truly are.
    The world has its issues but we have to stop and watch what Kylie is wearing or who Kim is dating, or who is s******g who today. They are nothing but KarTRASHians.
    I know I have a choice in whether I want to read about them but they’re in our faces no matter where we look. I know one day they will disappear but I pray it’s sooner than later. They are a DISGRACE to humanity.

  2. She is just doing what all celebrities and rich people do. It’s just that they show more of her than others for everyone to see. It’s nothing new. Leave the girl alone. People just have nothing better to do than trash orhers this world is too full of hate.

  3. its the only thing she can show off besides her kids she cant keep a man or a best friend maybe its the only way she can pretend she is happy

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