Britney Spears’ Wedding Disrupted By Disgruntled Ex-Husband


Britney Spears’ wedding is not going off without a hitch. One of her ex-husbands has decided it was the appropriate time to come by and crash it. Luckily, police were called to the scene to put an end to the debacle.

Britney Spears Gets The Day She Has Dreamed Of

It has been a long road for the pop star. After many years under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie, Britney feels like she can finally breathe. One of the biggest things that she had been looking forward to was getting married and starting a family. She had a great support system in her fiance, Sam Asghari. The two have been together since the end of 2016 when they met on the set of her music video Slumber Party. Unfortunately, not all men have been a fairy tale come true. When she was at the height of her pop royalty days, Brit started a relationship with fellow icon, Justin Timberlake. The two had starred together on The Mickey Mouse Club and understood what it was like to be swept into the spotlight.


As teenagers in love, they dressed alike and really were pop royalty for the bubblegum nation. When the two broke up after a few years, it was devastating. Justin alluded to the idea that Britney had been unfaithful in his song Cry Me A River yet they both moved on. Britney, in an impromptu move, married a childhood friend, Jason Alexander in 2004. That union lasted 55 hours and then she found “true love” with a backup dancer, Kevin Federline. They tied the knot and had two children but that, too, was short-lived. In 2007, she had a very public breakdown and worked super hard to build back her life. Sam was a huge part of this.

Going To The Chapel…

Earlier today, it was speculated that Britney Spears and Sam were getting married tonight in front of sixty of their closest friends. This was perfect timing as she had suffered a miscarriage last month and was heartbroken. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, according to TMZ. Her ex-husband, Jason Alexander tried to crash the event resulting in the police apprehending him. Apparently, Alexander decided to take it to Instagram and go live. He claimed that he was an invited guest of the brides as he approached the venue. Then, he openly declared that he would be crashing the event before his phone froze.


Police soon apprehended him but not before he was able to make it inside the pop star’s home. The police actually responded to a call about trespassing and are still there. How he got inside is a mystery since Britney has been quite open about her struggle to even get something for a headache from her guards. Hopefully, this is the only hiccup and the rest is smooth sailing. Congrats to the happy couple.

Are you surprised that this occurred or do you possibly think it was a planted diversion? Let us know.

Amanda Nowitz

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