‘Devil In The Web’: Chrissy Chambers’ Battle Against Revenge Porn

Chrissy Chambers from YouTube

YouTube stars Chrissy Chambers and Bria Kam run channels BriaAndChrissy. They’re pretty popular with the LGBTQ+ community. But sadly, Chrissy is the victim of a revenge pornography attack. The ID channel will explore the case in a series entitled, Devil in the Web.

The true crime series will follow Chrissy’s court battle as she goes after her British ex who launched the revenge porn campaign. Keep reading to find out more about the show.

Chrissy Chambers received the shock of her life years after a breakup

Monsters & Critics reports that Chrissy Chambers dated a British man before she started dating Bria. At the time, she was 18-years-old and he was 24. The publication says that courts ruled that the man has to be unnamed.

As per The Guardian, Chrissy reports that her ex-boyfriend treated her badly. They spent one last drunken night together and then parted ways. But he reentered her life later in the worst way.

The YouTube star Googled herself and realized that there was a sexually explicit video of herself on the internet that she never remembered making.

“He must have taken out a camera and filmed himself having s*x with me, without my knowledge, and never told me about it,” Chrissy told The Guardian. “He kept all those videos to himself, for years. And then tried to ruin my life with them.”


Sadly, the videos had already been online for over a year before Chrissy discovered them. They had already been seen by many. The Guardian reports that there seven total videos that had been shared across 37 pornographic websites. The revenge porn videos damaged the BriaAndChrissy brand as well as Chrissy Chambers’ mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The battle that changed the legal system and sexual assault charges

After discovering the videos, Chrissy did everything in her power to get them removed from the internet but had no luck. So she began contacting lawyers. That’s when she came across Ann Olivarius.

In the United States, there is no federal law against revenge porn laws. But legislation has started to pass within the last three years in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Guardian reports that the “revenge porn law” criminalizes “the disclosure of private sexual images with intent to cause distress” passed in England and Wales in spring 2015. Olivarius was an early supporter of the law but has since become critical of it. Unfortunately, the legislation has a loophole that will allow criminals to get away if they can prove the images were for money or for fun.

“That was put in to protect the companies who are selling the material, but aren’t they causing harm, too?” Olivarius told the publication. “Because they are making a profit, that somehow exonerates them? It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Learn more about Devil in the Web on the Investigation Discovery channel website. Learn more about Chrissy Chambers’ story and keep following TV Shows Ace online for more true crime stories.

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