Tori Roloff Reveals How Jackson & Lilah Really Feel About Josiah

Two young kids and a newborn baby

How do LPBW starlets Jackson and Lilah Roloff really feel about their new baby brother, Josiah? Their mom Tori reveals all. Keep reading for all the details.

LPBW stars add a new member to their family-of-four

In early 2021, Tori Roloff shared the news of her devastating miscarriage. TLC cameras had already captured the happy moment she told her in-laws that she was expecting. Despite her heartbreak, the LPBW star bravely addressed the loss of her baby on Season 22.

After initially struggling to conceive again, Zach and Tori shared in November that they were expecting again. Josiah Luke came into the world in late April of 2022.

The newborn joins big brother Jackson, 5, and sister Lilah, 2. Having a new sibling can foster resentment and jealousy. Did that happen with Tori’s kids?

A young boy and a young girl
Jackson and Lilah Roloff/Credit: Tori Roloff Instagram

How do Jackson & Lilah really feel about Josiah?

LPBW viewers absolutely love Jackson and Lilah. Their adorable antics often feature on the reality show. Additionally, Tori shares a lot about her kids on her Instagram.

In a recent post, fans were wondering how Jackson and Lilah really feel about their new brother.

Before Josiah’s birth, Tori often praised Lilah, saying she would make the best big sister. Is she?

According to their mom, both Jackson and Lilah are “obsessed” with Josiah. She previously shared a clip of Lilah not letting her baby brother out of her sight.

Tori also shared with fans that Lilah and Jackson’s reaction to the new family member has made the transition from 2 kids to 3 much easier.

Credit: Tori Roloff Instagram

Need proof Jackson and Lilah are obsessed with Josiah? Keep reading.

Zach Roloff shares the most wholesome moment between the siblings

Zach Roloff isn’t as active on social media as his wife. He did, however, recently tag Tori in the sweetest snapshots of Jackson and Lilah having their own separate moments with Josiah.

In the clips, Josiah is on the floor for tummy time. First Lilah lays down next to her little brother and puts her arm around him. Jackson is the next to have a brotherly moment.

In the video clip, he jumps off the bed to lay down next to Josiah and hug him.

Warning: The following photos might cause sugar overload from too much sweetness.

Credit: Zach Roloff Instagram

Do you think Jackson & Lilah are the best big siblings? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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