Fans School Jessa Seewald On Kids’ Behavior & Consequences

Jessa Seewald, YouTube

Duggar fans decided to weigh in on Jessa Seewald’s kids’ behavior and consequences after she shared about them on social media. It looks like they wanted to tell her a thing or two about how to raise her four kids. Keep reading to get all of the details.

If you don’t know, Jessa and her husband, Ben, have four children, Spurgeon, 6, Henry, 5, Ivy, 3, and Fern, 10 months. The couple posts frequently on social media to let fans know what’s going on with their busy family. And they also have a YouTube channel where they share video updates. Of course, fans love keeping up with them.

But because the Duggar kids were raised in the public eye, they are subject to all kinds of unwanted advice online. So, when Jessa Seewald informed fans of her kids’ recent misbehavior, she was quickly schooled on consequences and punishments.

Counting On Ivy Seewald - Henry - Spurgeon
Jessa Seewald | Instagram

Jessa Seewald gets real with fans and gets schooled in return.

In her latest YouTube video, which was posted this week, Jessa gave fans an update on her home renovation. She and her husband, Ben, began gutting the home about a year ago, and the project is still in the works. The video posted this week is the fourth update on the house so far.

Jessa Seewald
Jessa Seewald/YouTube

She showed fans her flooring options and her new cabinets. She also revealed to fans that someone had colored on her new cabinets with a Sharpie. Then, she said, “You can see this here. Just a complete circle around the whole thing and some extra little swirlies over here.”

Jessa Seewald added, “You know what I’m debating. First I was a little frustrated like ‘why?’ but then I was like you know what? Maybe it’ll add some character.”

Jessa Seewald, YouTube

In the comments section of Jessa Seewald’s video, however, fans had some ideas for how she should handle this. One said, “Leaving it leaves the wrong message for the kids and future kids. I love that you want to include their doodling in the decor but perhaps have them doodle on canvas and then hang them somewhere they can admire their work.”

Another thinks it’s time to teach the kids a lesson. They wrote, “Use the cabinet door as a life lesson— have all the kids help to get it off— explaining why no one should write on furniture or walls. The dry eraser shouldn’t take long.”

One of Jessa Seewald’s fans chimed in, “The sharpie might be a good ‘natural consequences’ lesson. Have the child who drew it help you fix it. To whatever extent is age-appropriate.”

So, can you relate to Jessa Seewald with her recent coloring mishap? Do you appreciate fans’ insight? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news. You can watch the YouTube video below.

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