’90 Day Fiance’ Annie Suwan Reveals David’s Shocking Job In Thailand?


90 Day Fiance has spawned a handful of fan favorites. One couple viewers cannot get enough of is David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan. They truly have solidified themselves as 90 Day royalty but it was not an easy road. Now, it appears he may have taken on a job in his beloved’s homeland. Yet it is not what one might have expected.

David And Annie’s 90 Day Fiance Love Story

Viewers first met the couple in Season 5 of the hit reality series. He was visiting Thailand after a divorce, job loss, a stroke, and a major weight loss. David was hanging out in a bar when he spotted Annie. He started buying things for her not realizing she was actually trying to support her family. Less than two weeks in, he realized this was true love but he did not have any funds to pay Annie’s bride price. Luckily, he had his best friend Chris who had been supporting him financially for some time. He ended up sponsoring Annie which infuriated Chris’s wife. Annie imagined moving to America and having all of the luxuries that came with it.


Sadly, he was broke so they went to live with Chris and Nikki. This took a toll on Nikki since David was unemployed and had a bad past. It was questionable if he could ever rebound and eventually, she made them move out. They went to live in an old firehouse and did end up getting married. The hardest part was his children’s reluctance toward his new bride though she tried very hard. Fortunately, David was able to find employment and they could start living the way they should. Throughout it all, David and Annie fell more and more in love and appeared in spinoffs such as Pillow Talk, even landing their own series. That was where viewers truly began to value them, especially Annie and she is now showing off her love’s new job.

Working For The Weekend

David has had his hand in many pots. Now it appears he has taken a cue from Annie. She has been known to cook hibachi by their bedside while filming Pillow Talk. It is just one of her most endearing qualities. Now, the couple is in Thailand and David has found a very “Annie” way to make some side cash. He is selling grilled chicken off on the side of the road. David is having a great time with Annie noting it is “so fresh and yummy.” The chicken was sold for $3.50 and followers were loving it.


  • “I would buy a meal from David for sure!!!”
  • “I love you guys. You guys genuinely love each other and get along so beautifully. God bless you both.”
  •  “oh that looks so delicious”

Followers also noted how great and thin David looked. All in all, this was a win for the couple and a great way to bring in some fun money. It is always fun to see their adventures.

Would you grab some roadside chicken from David? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.

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