Aunt KiKi & Uncle Dale Flaunt Chiseled Legs & Firm Booties

Uncle Dale Mills Instagram

OutDaughtered stars Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale are getting fit! The couple flaunted their chiseled legs and firm booties in a new picture this week. Keep reading to check out their latest photo and see what they do to stay in great shape.


Aunt KiKi & Uncle Dale show off their toned bodies.

After a workout together, Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale posed for a steamy picture. Later, they shared it with fans via Instagram.

In the snap, they are showing off their hot and fit bodies. Along with sharing the photo with OutDaughtered fans, Dale explained, “Kiki’s first time doing ‘Murph’! Had a good time with the @crossfit_kemah group this morning honoring all those who lost their lives for our country.”

Dale Mills Instagram
Dale Mills Instagram

OutDaughtered fans praise Uncle Dale & Aunt KiKi for this big accomplishment.

In the comments section of Dale’s post, fans are praising them for their hard work. They think the couple looks great, and they are proud of them for finishing such an intense workout.

One fan says, “Uncle D you looking cut my guy 💪”

Another one of Dale’s followers adds, “That’s awesome. Never forget 🇺🇲”

This isn’t the first time that Dale and KiKi have revealed their secrets to staying so healthy and fit. In the past, they have shared photos or videos of themselves working out. In this post, the family recreated the Full House intro with their family. It looks like fitness is very important to them.

Uncle Dale Busby Instagram
Uncle Dale Busby Instagram

What is the ‘Murph?’

In his post, Dale mentions that he and his wife, KiKi completed the “Murph” at the CrossFit gym. But what does that mean exactly?

According to TheMurphWorkout.comthe “Murph” includes a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another one-mile run. While completing this routine, you can wear a 20-pound vest or body armor. That isn’t a requirement, however.

The challenge is named after LT. Michael P. Murphy, who was killed in combat. So, to honor him, this workout is done in CrossFit gyms on Memorial Day.

It looks like this is something that Uncle Dale has done in the past. And this year, he wanted to give his wife, Aunt KiKi a turn to take on the challenge.

So, what do you think of Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale’s chiseled legs and firm booties? Do they inspire you to work out, too? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the OutDaughtered family.

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