Mama June’s Ex-Partner Sugar Bear Has A New Mama Bear


Mama June has moved on since her traumatic breakup from Geno Doak. Now, her ex-partner Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson is stepping out with a new lady. Who is she and how long has this been going on?

Mama June And Sugar Bear’s Rough Road

Viewers first really got to know the couple on TLC’s Honey Boo Boo. There they met June, her partner, and June’s daughters. The only one that the couple had together was Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ and she was fierce. Sugar Bear made sure to raise all of the kids as if they were his own and they had an interesting time. That is really putting it mildly. The show was eventually canceled after four seasons. June and Sugar Bear struggled to keep their relationship afloat despite having a commitment ceremony.


They landed on Mariage Boot Camp: Reality Stars where they tried to rectify the situation. It soon came out that he had cheated on her with both men and women. They ultimately parted ways with Sugar Bear getting married in 2017 to Jennifer Lamb. He liked that she was a larger woman but she went and lost a lot of weight. They remained together until earlier this year when it was revealed they had separated. Additionally, Sugar Bear had decided he was ready for more changes in his life, this time physical ones. Sadly, he was about to find out his health was at risk and his life could change forever.

Health, Love, And A New Outlook

Recently, Sugar Bear went to a Beverly Hills plastic suregon. His goal was to get a full-body makeover, much like what Mama June did in the past. However, it was soon discovered that he may have gum cancer when he visited the dentist for new teeth. Fortunately, it was benign but he will have it removed just to be safe. Now it appears there is more good news in his life, according to Radar Online. His new lady is billed as Heather Rood but on Instagram, she goes by Davis though her account is private.


Apparently, she is a forty-five single mother and the two are in a committed relationship. This means she has probably been by his side during his cancer scare. In social media postings, the two gushed about one another and seem very much in love. “He makes me feel beautiful every single day! When he is around I feel so relaxed. Thank you for coming into my life at a point where I felt hopeless! Love ya babes @realsugarbear,” Jennifer wrote. No word on when his divorce from Lamb will be final. Here’s hoping he has finally found the one.

Mama June: Road to Redemption airs Friday nights on WeTV.

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