‘RHOBH’: Dorit Kemsley’s Burglars Finally In Custody?


Season 12 of RHOBH started out with a bang. Viewers finally got to see what went down when Dorit Kemsley’s home was robbed on October 27th. The burglars got away clean but are there any new updates?

A RHOBH Devasting Premiere

Last week’s premiere was very hard to watch. There were a lot of components. Some cast members were reconciling while others were still in conflict. As for Dorit, she and her two children, Jagger and Phoenix, had just arrived home from London. The family had been visiting for a wedding and the kids were in the bridal party. They had documented the fact that they were not in California on social media but then they returned. Jagger and Phoenix were outside practicing their karate while Dorit watched. She spoke to some friends on the phone but would be spending the night alone.


Her husband, PK was still in his native Lone when she headed to bed. Usually, her kids stayed in her bed when PK was out of town but that night she was able to get them in their bed. She had not set the alarm as she feared they would trip it. Then, two men broke into her home and held her at gunpoint. She begged them not to hurt her as she was a mother and gave them whatever they wanted. They filled up her comforter with purses and watches then left. Their last move was to drop her cellphone by the gate. The police took over but the burglars were never caught. So, where does the case stand as of now?

Status Update

For Dorit and PK, they did not care what they lost in the robbery as long as they were safe along with their kids. Yet it would be nice if the perpetrators had finally been caught. According to Starcasm, nothing has really changed. Dorit appeared on WWHL on May 11th, the night of the Season 12 premiere. As of then, the robbers were still at large. There have been many questions about the validity of the story and why Dorit did not enable her security system.


Social media went crazy with questions. Yes, older alarm systems were easily tripped but newer ones are not so sensitive. People also questioned if former housewife Teddi Mellencamp’s husband’s security team did the system. Teddi made it clear he did not though she did come by the morning of the burglary to check on her friend. If any news breaks on the burglars finally getting caught, we will be sure to let you know.

Are you surprised they have yet to be caught? Let us know and watch RHOBH every Wednesday on Bravo.

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  1. Wasn’t there. Way for Dorit to alert authorities through her home security system? Why would she have to desperately ask for the burglars to be so kind as to leave her phone for her? Why would she think they would after threatening her life not even, what, 15 min prior?

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