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Alyssa Bates Webster Tells Intrusive Fans To Mind Their Business

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Former Bringing Up Bates star Alyssa Bates Webster has had enough of her intrusive fans. She’s now telling them to mind their business after they asked too many questions about her decisions and activities.

It looks like Alyssa didn’t appreciate all of the concerns about what’s going on in her personal life. Scroll down to get all of the details about the situation and see her bold response, too.

Alyssa Bates Webster YouTube

Alyssa tends to stay positive on social media. She doesn’t often clap back at fans or respond to all of the criticism. But this time, she’s not holding back.

Alyssa Bates Webster gets snappy with fans.

Recently, Alyssa Bates’ husband, John Webster, shared a few new family photos. Because this post came while the rest of the Bates family was in San Diego, California for Lawson’s wedding.

In a comment, a fan asked, “You guys really didn’t go to your own brother’s wedding? Wow.”

Though this was on John’s Instagram page, Alyssa took a moment to comment back.

She wrote, “When you have 18 siblings and multiple weddings and events to attend every year plus you live out of state… then you can have a say. Until then, mind your own business.”

John Webster Instagram
John Webster Instagram

Alyssa Bates’ snappy comment was shared on Reddit. One Reddit user explained that she had written the comment and quickly deleted it. So, it’s no longer up on John’s Instagram page.

As we previously reported, Alyssa told fans on YouTube that she wouldn’t be attending Lawson and Tiffany’s wedding. She talked about how expensive it would be with four little kids. While she seemed upset about this, it sounded like she had tried to make it work.

But since making this announcement, fans have been asking Alyssa about her decision to skip the wedding. Some thought that she might be on poor terms with Lawson. Others think she should have found a way to get to the wedding on a budget. Some suggested she go on her own and leave their four young girls at home with John.

However, it looks like these options weren’t an option for the Websters this time.

Alyssa Webster Instagram
Alyssa Webster Instagram

So, what do you think of Alyssa Bates Webster’s comment to fans? Do you agree with what she said? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And for more news about the Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I agree with Alyssa, people really need to mind their own business and keep their opinions to themselves. I really believe if she could have been at Lawson’s wedding she would have been. They’re such a big family with 19 children and now grand children and spouses involved which means other families! And flying anywhere if very hard I can only imagine it with four little girls. I’m sure she has a long talk with Lawson and I truly believe he unstands and the are still close and love one another very much. Let’s be real how many big family things have you missed?? All of us miss lost of big deal family things! If we’re being 100% truthful!

    1. She doesn’t need to explain anything… but i would have said the same thing. People need to learn how to mind their own business. Good job, Alyssa!!

  2. It’s nobody’s business what other people do. Flying is very expensive she would have had to purchase 6 tickets

  3. She just announced that they have to repaint their house because of their homeowners’ associations rules. Do you have any idea how much it costs to paint the outside of your house? If you do not comply the association can put a lien on your house or charge you a fine. I am sure Lawson and Tiffany understood why they could not come painting your house is very expensive. Our family has always been on a budget and sometimes even when you want to do something you cannot because other surprising things come up. Summer is a busy time for John with his work. So back off they made the right decision for their family.

  4. She had a right to tell people to mind their business. And honestly she doesn’t need to explain y she couldn’t make it. It’s their business no one else’s.

  5. Good for you Alyssa! It’s NOBODY’S business what you choose to do for the best interest of your family. Traveling across the country with 4 little ones would be difficult as well as expensive and I applaud you for doing what you felt was best! Social media has given so many people the idea that it’s OK to voice any opinion that pops into their heads. NOT OK!

  6. Good for you. Long ways away and traveling that far on a plane. Also very expensive. Give her a break!!!

  7. She’s right about what she said. I think she has the right to stand up for herself and her family. Things are going up every where and it keeps expensive especially for a family of 6. I’m sure Lawson and Tiffany understand. It’s easy for others to sit and pass judgment when they are not the ones making decisions. I say you go girl stand up for yourself. I hope this doesn’t stop them from posting videos. I love watching them.

  8. If she or her children had been asked to be in the wedding, she would have made the effort. They went to Pennsylvania after all for Nathan’s wedding. They spent all their money on paint for the inside of their house instead.

  9. Alyssa is 100% right. It is non of my business or fans business to question or make off comments. It is between God, John and Alyssa on what they do

  10. I think she had every right to say that and yes people need to mind their own business. I totally understand how expensive it is to travel and especially with a family of 5. I mean it’s hard enough to travel but with that many children! Growing up their was 6 kids in my family times were easier back then but we still had a hard time traveling. No matter weather you have been on TV or just a regular person you have the right to tell people to mind their business. Love that she stood her ground.

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