’90 Day Fiance’ See Angela Deem’s Transformation With All New Teeth


90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is continuing her transformation. She has undergone cosmetic surgery and is debuting some new chompers. Now she is showing them off to the world and is happy to keep on smiling.

A 90 Day Fiance Complete Makeover

Viewers first met Angela in Season 2 of the spinoff Before the 90 Days. She was flying to Nigeria to meet Michael Ilesanmi. Despite an over twenty-year age gap, the couple tried to make it work even though they disagreed a lot. She would block him repeatedly and he would always question why. By the end of their first season on the series, they had broken up only to return for Season 3. One of their biggest issues was fertility. He wanted to have a child and this was just something Angela could not deliver. Ultimately, she realized if she could get an egg, they would be just fine. She even went so far as to beg her daughter for one but she refused as it was just too weird.


They popped back up on Season 7 of 90 Day and ended up getting married in January 2020 but not in America. The couple wed in his homeland of Nigeria but there were always questions about Michael’s legitimacy. People wondered if he was using her for a Green Card but a lie detector proved he truly cared about his wife. She ended up deciding to undergo a full-body makeover which Michael was not supportive of. He actually still only has old photos of her on his social media. It has been a question if they are even still together. Now, she has undergone another procedure to change her life.

A Brand New Sparkling Smile

Angela has shown off a breast reduction, liposuction, and a gastric sleeve. She also had her hands worked on to look more youthful and now, she has new teeth. Thanks to doctor Lawton Tang, she is proudly displaying a bright new smile on her Instagram and has never seemed happier. At least for now, that is. Her followers could not get over how great her teeth looked.

  • “Your teeth look so amazing.”
  • “Your teeth look amazing!! I’m jealous lol”
  • “Angela..your smile is absolutely gorgeous!! Your teeth are beautiful!!!! I wish mine turned out like that!”

Who knows what she will get done next but she looks amazing as is. Hopefully, she is happy exactly where she is at because there is no need to do anything else.

What do you think of Angela’s new smile? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.

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